Christmas Sparkle Task – My Only Wish This Christmas

So Christmas is coming and normally Mistress like to see hundreds of gifts under her tree, and hundreds of slaves under her feet.  But this year, there is only one thing that I really, really want for Christmas.  My Deelightfully devoted slaves, will all know that aside from being a supremely brilliant Dominatrix, I am also not bad at photography.  Photography is a passion and hobby of mine, but there are some shots that I really want to take, but can’t because, although I now have my top of the range Canon 5D Mark iii camera, and some pretty awesome lenses, I am lacking in a long distance Telephoto Zoom Lens of an equivalent quality to match my camera.  I enjoy taking photographs of people and of nature, but sometimes I can’t get close enough to my subjects to get the images I want.  I must have the lens below, in my photography kit, without it, I am missing so much of a hobby that I enjoy passionately.

The lens is expensive, priced at £1200 aprox, so this is going to take a combined effort from all of my financial slaves, loyal devotes, and even the rarest or smallest of contributors.  It doesn’t matter how much you contribute, every little gift certificate sent to me to go towards my lens, will have a final result of my everlasting happiness!  There are 67 days (from the time of writing this post) until Christmas.  That’s 67 days for you all to think wisely, spend wisely and give your Mistress the best present she could ask for, this year (LOL).  Forward all gift certificates to and be sure to specify the words CHRISTMAS LENS SPARKLE along with your preferred display name, so that you can all be publicly thanked.  You can also see below a few of my favourite shots, taken with lesser lenses, and or lesser cameras.  Mistress strives for perfection.  I need perfect tools to achieve that perfection.

There is one very loyal devoted slave who has already set the wheels in motion; my trusted, loyal House of Deelight resident pet, Mousey (@sissymouse).  He listened, he acknowledged and he obeyed and has already given Mistress a kick of excitement, one step nearer to getting that lens that I want so badly.

Screenshot (62)


Get sparkling my lovely little devoted pets…

pink and purple flower (2)

orange rose (2 of 5)

natures intricacy small

I can't take a decent moon pic on a standard lens can I?
I can’t take a decent moon pic on a standard lens can I?



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