Common Sense and Decency for Slaves, by a Professional Mistress.

I am writing this article, after a recent event in which I accepted the offer of filming from a new film slave.  His limits were agreed and as well as instructing him, where to meet, I gave him my phone number with the instructions to use it, for confirmation of attendance and to announce his arrival.  I later receive a message via WhatsApp which read, “I hope you don’t mind me messaging you, but I think you are a very beautiful Mistress”.  He has already sent me half a million emails as such!  So yes, I do mind.  And thus the reason for my article.  I, along with many others in my profession, encounter events similar to this regularly.

Before I begin, I would like to state, that for the majority of my regular clients, the following article will not apply; you will all know who you are and thus you will not need to feel in any way concerned about what follows.  If you are one of the guilty ones, then either, shame on you, or learn from it quickly!

As a professional Mistress/Dominatrix, I take great pride in my work.  I work hard on my physical appearance, I keep good health and I plan things meticulously because I am offering a professional service.  As a slave, who has visited my website, viewed my profiles and sought out my services, you can rest assured that, if I agree to cater for your fetish/fantasy, I will do so with a great attention to detail and I will far exceed your expectations at the same time.  If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t agree to work with you.

I am, primarily the other woman in your life.  Your escape from reality for whatever length of time that may be.  You are, primarily my source of income.  You as a slave, are only on my radar because you serve a purpose to me.  Whatever that purpose may be; financial, helpful, DIY, etc etc.

I am a naturally sexual and kinky person with a history in the world of BDSM that dates back to my late teenage years.  However, my sexual needs are very different to my professional criteria.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every single aspect of the service I provide.  And you as a slave, enjoy serving me for whatever use I have for you.   But it must be made clear, that very few slaves show the devotion and usefulness to cross any lines between my professional life and my personal life.  As well as having some very close friends in the world of BDSM, who have access all areas to my private life, I do have one or two very trusted slaves, who know a little more about me and have a little insight into my private life, because those slaves have proved themselves useful, loyal, dedicated and trustworthy.

The rest of you, fall into a different category.  You will get as much attention from me, to fit the purpose you are serving and you should know that these lines should not be crossed.  For example, if you are paying me for a session, you will receive my utmost attention for the time you are paying me for.  A deposit is asked to prove that you are not a time waster, and for this deposit, I will plan your session down to fine detail. If you are a filming slave, you will receive my attention for the duration of the time that you are serving me as such.  You are, after all, receiving a free session. I make my money from that session, by selling on the video clips.

If you buy me a gift of clothing as a financial tribute to show your appreciation, I will wear that gift with pleasure, but I will also take the time to dress it up, make myself look stunning and share with you, photos or a video by way of thanks. If you want a webcam session with me wearing the outfit you bought me, you will pay extra for the session and I will look glamorous in your outfit, whereas for normal sessions I will wear what I see fit.  If you book a 5 minute phone chat with me, I will get your rocks off for that 5 minutes, but do not expect me to spend hours discussing that phone chat before it takes place!  And certainly do not feel that you then have the freedom to text message my private phone, or WhatsApp me or Skype me to tell me how wonderful you think I am or how horny you are.  You can tell me that on the phone when you pay for my time, or in session, or by whatever other means we have agreed to communicate with on a professional level.  If you want to discuss your needs, you book a longer phone chat.  If you want to speak to me regularly, other than doing a filming session, you will pay for my time.    Just because you have spoken to me once for 5 minutes, or have been accepted as a film slave, or come along for a one hour session, this does not automatically grant you the right to call me your Mistress.  That privilege must be earned, by showing that you are regular, loyal and dedicated.  I have held webcam sessions via Skype, where the slave has then, for the foreseeable future badgered me with requests for sessions that he has never followed through.

Slaves, you must understand, that being a professional dominatrix is a full-time job.  It is my professional life, and how I make my living.  I am not looking for love, with a slave.  That idea is simply absurd.  I don’t even care how big your wallet, or how big your cock is, if you are submissive sexually, you cannot possibly please me in the bedroom.  I have no interest in you, other than for whatever financial or useful gain you can offer me, in return for your escape from your vanilla reality.  This is not to say, that I disrespect you.  As previously mentioned, I am a professional and very skilled at my job.  Having lived on the flip side and served as a submissive myself, I can empathise with all of you.  And to some degree, I do care.  I care about my reputation, I care about delivering a high standard of service and I care about business.  By working to such a high standard, which includes the hours and money I spend on my appearance and health, work on my website (which I do myself) and all the back end stuff that you slaves don’t appreciate, it pretty much guarantees me a long and successful career as a professional dominatrix.

If you, slave, are looking for a full-time lover, and to be a 24/7 slave where your escape from reality is your reality, then I wish you the best of luck.  To find a woman who can truly live a 24/7 Domme lifestyle, and vica versa, you really do have to find love.  In the meantime, there are professional Domme’s such as myself.

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