Deep Sub Space at the Stroke of 8 – by Slave Mousey

Slave Mousey has been working hard on his recount of our last session, that is, once he was able to sit down long enough.  It gives a whole new meaning to keeping him on his toes!  Good work, Pet!

Deep sub space at the stroke of 8 

Dear Mistress

Now after six days I can sit down with comfort, I thought I would send you my thoughts on our last session.

It’s a cold wet Monday but my day is sunny with a visit to Mistress. I start with some DIY chores which I told Mistress would take about 30-45 minutes so 1hour 20 minutes later I finish!!!! Mistress was not amused that it had taken so long and I was reminded that I had wasted her valuable time. Maybe not so wise considering this was a cp session.

So I was told to freshen up and return and duly did. Waiting for me when I returned was the electric shock collar, this was something I had gifted Mistress previously but had not had the um “pleasure” of experiencing as yet. This was placed around my neck and then checked to see if it was working and a wooden ball gag was placed in my mouth which really did shut me up. I was then locked in the tall standing cage whilst Mistress still checked that the collar was working. A little while later Mistress returned with a blackboard and some chalk and wrote numbers on the board from 2 to 12 and then started to write the names of implements next to the numbers. Now I didn’t realise that this was going to be a whole different cp session than it usually is and it was explained to me that I need to have my limits pushed and that the dice were going to decide my fate. No gentle warming up today just full on whacks with whatever the dice fell on and then another roll for the number of whacks to add to this Mistress had allocated two numbers that would mean a double or a treble number of whacks!

Now this put me a little out of my comfort zone but Mistress knows me well and of course I trust her implicitly so the game begins and I can honestly say I have no idea how many strikes of the many implements I received but I’m happy to say took them all and thanked Mistress for every single one. It’s also worth noting that the shock collar is still attached and is constantly pressed to make sure I’m not concentrating too hard. Now this is where it took a bit of a turn as Mistress announced that the game would be put on hold for 36 strikes of the thin stingy cane which I struggle with the most. It’s also just dawned on me that usually Mistress has to remind me to breathe and coach me through a cp session but this time I had managed to do this without the constant reminder although it is important to point out that Mistress checked regularly that I was ok.

So back to the start of the 36 strikes of the thin sting cane and I’m thinking this is not going to happen and up to number 8 that was the case, my breathing was all over the place and it suddenly dawned on me to just breathe the pain away just as Mistress had told me so many times before and with that I dropped into the deepest sub space I have ever experienced and the remaining 26 just bounced off me. I cannot tell you how much I hate that cane but I truly enjoyed it that day. I was finished off with 9 of the very heavy wooden paddle which ended a most amazing and immensely fun cp session and one that if I was told was coming would have scared me senseless. Sadly as always I don’t bruise but it has left me with a very sore bum for almost a week which I am very grateful for and is a constant reminder of my visit and the amazing Mistress that I have the honour of serving.

Once the cp had finished Mistress took great strides to ensure that I didn’t get up too quickly and let my senses return before we finally ended my visit with a chat and a nice cup of tea!

So to sum up thank you Mistress for taking me on this journey and I look forward as always to our further adventures.

Your very devoted,


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