Distance Tease and Denial – Meet Slave Taquin

Slave Taquin, aptly named by myself taking the French word for tease, is the newest member of the House of Deelight Chastity Chambers.  He initially came for a session with me and upon his return for his second session, was instructed to abstain from masturbation for the week before hand. This turned out to be a Deelightful challenge for him and now he has given me total control of his orgasms for the next six months!  Every Morning, at a set time, Slave Tarquin must text me with a message telling me how he is feeling and asking, (normally pleading) for permission to cum, that night. Here is his story so far:

Having sessioned with the lovely Miss Deelight a couple of times I decided that I wished my ability to orgasm between sessions to be controlled by her as well. So why would I wish for such a thing? I am of course sexually submissive but in addition to this I find that, in many ways, I gain more sexual pleasure from being denied an orgasm by Mistress than actually having one. It is the build up to the final release and the fact that I am powerless to control when it will be allowed that makes it so exciting for me. Eventually the desire to cum does become absolutely overwhelming and so I feel that I have to relieve this with an orgasm. But the longer I wait and the more desperate I become, the better. I considered briefly the possibility of wearing a chastity device but dismissed it as impractical due to my personal situation. Instead, and following communications with Mistress, we agreed that I would be controlled by her via text. In order for this to work I have to:
a) Do exactly as I am instructed
b) Not undertake any extracurricular activities! (I am in a long term, but non sexual relationship so this can work).
c) Be absolutely honest with Mistress.
I will never break these rules as, if I did, the whole exercise would be pointless.
I have to say that I have never entered into such a relationship before. But so far I am enjoying it very much. Mistress already seems to understand very well what gets me going and how to make my periods of chastity wonderfully unbearable. I am also pleased to say that she seems to take much pleasure in teasing and tormenting me from afar. Mistress is also occasionally very kind. Yesterday I was allowed 2 orgasms. What a pleasant surprise that was! Today we have exchanged texts and it seems that Mistress is still in a good mood and is going to allow me a torment free day. I am not sure how long this will last but will get on with life in the meantime.

Who will be the next slave to enter my Chastity Chambers?  Who is going to be brave enough to take on the Tease and Denial Challenge?


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