Double Domme Pervert Kidnap – Torture, Breathplay, Facesitting.

Perverts be afraid, be very afraid.  If you are reported to my neighbourhood watch force for perverted behaviour you will be brought to justice.  This piggy pervert came home to a nasty surprise, held at knife point and forced to strip by myself and Mistress R’eal he was then subjected to humiliation; made to wear a mask to show everyone what he is, subjected to CBT and nipple torture, and then smothered, gasping for air beneath our big beautiful bottoms.

Squeal Piggy!


We’ve got you by the balls – literally!


Now shut the fuck up and listen to what’s going to happen to you….


One false move and your mask will be removed, revealing to the world your true identity….


You have no use for breath where you are going…….


None whatsoever.  Suffer and suffocate!


Find out more about how you can suffer at the mercy of myself and my good friend Mistress R’eal here.

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