Double Hypnobot Shoe Worship

Double Hypnobot Shoe Worship

All my Hypnobots must undergo certain duties. Really it’s all about whatever I find entertaining or amusing, they obey their commander. However my female Hypnobot is currently untrained; programmed but untrained and therefore needs to be trained in some of these duties. The first duty being the worship of my shoes. The worship of my very special Louboutin heels. As the first Hypnobot, HB1 has the responsibility to train all new recruits by way of demonstration. HB2 will first observe the demonstration of shoe worship by HB1 who has been trained to the highest of standards. He must train the new recruit to the same high standards. Watch as my male brainwashed hypnotised human robot kisses, licks and sucks my stunning patent killer heels, describing what he is doing as he goes in order to educate the female human robot. Learn of his fatal error, an absolute sin. His programming has somewhat malfunctioned and he fails to recall that the female Hypnobot is still superior to him and does not have to suck the heel. A failure he will be punished for in another video. Once HB1 has finished his demonstration, he is then joined by HB2 for her first ever shoe/heel worship training session. Both Hypnobots then proceed to worship my shoes together.

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