Double Trouble

Do you feel brave?  Of course you don’t, you are a pathetic little wimp who’s legs turn to jelly at the mere sight of a woman within feet of you, let alone a goddess like me.  Well since you are already a ridiculous, dribbling pansy, why not make yourself feel even more worthless by kneeling at the feet of two beautiful women?  Your entire body is shaking at the thought, but your little maggot cock is twitching with excitement… urging you to push yourself, at least IT has the guts to try to breathe the same air as us.  Come on, man the fuck up (so we can dress you as a girl), grow a pair (so we can torture them) and book yourself a session with Myself and Mistress R’eal.  Life just doesn’t get better than this, for a weasle like you!

Email me now! No excuses, sell yourself to me.