Dribbly J – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

I’m a bit late posting this journal entry from Slave Dribbly J as its been a busy week for Mistress in her personal life.  For all of you considering distance control or a period of chastity it is important that you know that at times, the experience is going to be both physically and emotionally challenging (that is the whole point of it), as Slave Dribbly found out. He arrived at my chambers in a right sorry state and I certainly had to give him a reality check.  If you want to be under my control and have your cock owned by me, then you should prepare yourself for a roller-coaster journey. There will be highs and there will be lows. It’s not about you any more, it’s about what pleases me. If it were about you, then you’d have no requirement to have your cock owned and controlled.  Be aware that at times I will try to break you and I will take pleasure in doing so. The ultimate test of loyalty, devotion and commitment is what you can expect. Only a few survive!

Day 1

My instructions for the start of Week 2 began with removing my chastity device and then tying a stocking around my cock for my day at work. This sounds easy other than I didn’t have a stocking, I’m no closet sissy. So once dressed and ready for work I headed for the local corner shop, but no luck. I tried three further shops, including an Aldi, but with no success. Time was running short so I had to go into work. Mistress had stipulated that she wanted photographic evidence by lunchtime. So, mid-morning I went into the town and purchased a pair of stockings at Primark. I then sent Mistress my photo as requested. The stocking was not too uncomfortable and after I wile I could forget that it was there.

Later than day I informed Mistress that I had an evening dinner engagement, and she replied that I was to remain tied for my evening out.

Day 1 Stocking

Day 2

The next morning, following my morning text to Mistress, I received a number of texts in reply from Mistress querying why I didn’t text after my meal, saying where was my weekly journal, and I didn’t ask for permission to remove the stocking. I replied telling her that I still hadn’t removed the stocking, as she had not given me permission. I apologised for my failure to complete my journal, and for not texting her the previous night. She was very displeased with me and ordered me into chastity until our session later that day. These texts did get to me and they put me in a depressed mood for the day. When I arrived for my session Mistress could see that I was unhappy. We had a good chat, and I went on to have a very enjoyable session. This will be detailed in a separate blog entry. Needless to say I left the HoD a much happier man.

Day 3

Today’s instructions involved me wearing one of the ‘cock toys’ which I had shown Mistress during our session yesterday. She instructed me to wear a ring with screws in it during a long drive. I fitted the ring, and sent Mistress a photo. She responded quickly saying she wanted the screws tightening at the next services. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the Allen key for the device, so I went to Halfords and purchased a new small set. At the services I tightened the screws to a ‘constant reminder’ amount and continued my journey. I texted Mistress to inform her of this and a while later she responded instructing me to tighten them again. At the next available services I did as she had asked, but I was now at ‘constant pain’ setting. I still had nearly an hours driving and Mistress did show her concern and told me to remove the device if I felt unwell. My journey home was an interesting one as I did not want to get an erection, yet it was turning me on. Once I arrived home Mistress told me to remove the device and I was rewarded with an orgasm. It very nice way to end the day, especially after being so horny.

Day 3 Start

Day 3 End

Day 4, 5 and 6

I had some family issues, and Miss Deelight kindly suggested that maybe I could do with a few days off to focus on things at home. I agreed and took a few days sorting out other aspects of my life.

Day 4 Ring

Day 7 – Crown of thorns

Today things resumed, and Mistress again wanted to torture her cock. She requested that midway through the day I was to put on a device which it two rings with some blunt spikes, a bit like barbed wire. I did as she instructed and things were fine at work, however during the subsequent car journey I had an erection that was really painful. I told Mistress about this and I think that it may have given her an idea. She then instructed me to watch a video of her whilst wearing the device once I got home, but I was not allowed to touch her cock during this, and to text her before and after. I followed her instructions and it was nice, but quite painful. Once I had completed this I sent Mistress a photo and she was pleased with my suffering and granted me a release. A great way to end the second week.

Day 7 Start

Day 7 erection

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