Dribbly J – Distance Control Journal – Week 3

Slave Dribbly has now completed his 3rd week of daily control, tease and denial.  As you will see in this blog, one of the benefits of my cock control is that it can give you more stamina when it comes to cock stimulation. If you are a fast cummer and subsequently very disappointing in bed, then my control can help you with this as you learn not to ejaculate so quickly. Slave Dribbly has discovered this for himself this week.

Day 1

My first text of the day from Miss Deelight arrived once I was at work. She enquired “How is my cock today?” I replied telling her it was good and it woke up very happy this morning. She responded telling me to go to the toilet at the first opportunity to edge myself, without going over. I did this, although it was a little hurried as I had a meeting to go to. She then instructed me to do this again after the meeting. The second edging was much longer and I was looking through stuff on Twitter keeping me hard. I told Mistress how these edging sessions had improved my stamina and she was pleased that training my cock was working. She then tasked me with a continuous wank of 30 minutes after work, without cumming. When I got home I did this and it was really nice, but very challenging. For the first ten minutes I kept wanting to come every minute or so, but after a while it got easier and I completed the task without any accidents. That was then end of today’s tasks. I was left quite horny, but happy.

Day 2

This morning’s text from Mistress arrived before I sent my daily text to her. She instructed me to put on my chastity device. This was a bit challenging as I was suffering from morning-glory when I woke up and read the text. I duly obeyed and went off to work. Mid-morning I received a task from Mistress to source for her two riding crops, with very specific details. At lunchtime I popped home and started on my quest, however this was going to be challenging. After work I continued for several hours, but with no success of exactly what Mistress was after. The search will continue tomorrow.

Day 3

Following my morning text I was told to remain locked and continue with my task to find the riding crops. Then a short while later, I was instructed to wear a butt plug for two hours at work, or if that wasn’t possible after work. Not having worn a butt plug much before, and certainly not under clothes in normal situations I told Mistress that I had a drive that evening, and that I would wear it then. She was happy with my proposal. Before setting off I inserted a medium-sized butt plug and drove for what turned out to be three hours with the plug inserted, and whilst still in chastity. Once I got home I told mistress of my achievement, and she was pleased that I managed it. It did turn me on, although I did feel a little sore.

Day 4

Knowing that I had to do my accounts Mistress told me I had to focus on getting them done, and that I was on an orgasm ban until they were complete. Throughout the day I put in a few hours and got them underway which was good. That evening I requested to take off my chastity device as I was going out and needed to do a lot of heavy carrying and lifting, and Mistress kindly agreed to this. On returning I re-locked and went to bed.

Day 5

This morning Mistress instructed me to remain locked and work on my accounts. I also received a message from Mistress that her boyfriend was doing a charity skydive and would I like to sponsor him. I offered to, and I was rewarded by her granting me an orgasm. I said that I would save this until after a good days work on my accounts. During the day I put many hours on my accounts and early evening I unlocked and enjoyed a lovely orgasm. I then thoroughly cleaned my chastity device and relocked before going to bed.

Day 6

Unfortunately this morning I woke feeling unwell and spent most of the day in bed. I did get up and continue on my accounts but no tease and denial today, I just wasn’t feeling up to it. I was still locked however, but this didn’t bother me very much.

Day 7

I woke up feeling much better, not quite 100%, but well enough for work. I texted Mistress early but didn’t hear anything from Mistress until later on in the morning. She apologised for her late reply but told me that she’d had a wonderful lie in. She enquired whether I was still locked, and I confirmed to her that I was. She then went on to tell me that she had enjoyed sex with her boyfriend last night, and again this morning. She then sent me a tease photo of her sat up in bed topless. Well, my cock went hard in its cage. This was a bit awkward as I was at work! I told Mistress of the effect she had and she was amused and pleased that she could tease me in this way. I still was on an orgasm ban until I completed my accounts.


 After work I continued with my accounts and finally, at gone midnight, I finished them. I was exhausted, I still felt slightly unwell so went to bed.

Not quite as action-packed or challenging a week as previously, but sometimes life is like that. Also being in chastity is not a five-minute wonder and the rewards are greater when the investment is more.

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