Dribbly J – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

Slave Dribbly completed his first week of distance control this week (Tuesday) I am a little late posting this due to being so very busy as always. Here is his account of his first week…..


I had been finding that whilst wearing a chastity device was satisfying in certain ways, there were times where I had got quite down about being in chastity. This was due to long periods with no tease, and nothing at all going on sexually for me. I decided to hand over ownership of my cock to Miss Deelight for four weeks, and receive daily instructions, tasks and teases. This is with Mistress’s Distance Control, Tease and Denial via SMS service that she provides. Here I share my journey with Miss Deelight’s devoted readers.

Day 1

I was already in chastity when I sent my first morning text. She responded promptly enquiring how her locked cock was, and whether I was near a supermarket. When I informed her that I lived close to a Tesco Extra I was instructed to purchase a pair of ladies knickers and wear them at work for the rest of the day, and report back at 6pm. Mistress knew that this was against my natural desires and that she was immediately taking me out of my comfort zone. I had to provide photographic evidence by noon. So I did as she asked, sending the photo just after nine o’clock, unfortunately making me slightly late for work.

 The day passed alright, the odd wriggly moment or two, but OK. I reported in at 6pm and I was given instructions to unlock, and masturbate whilst sniffing the panties imagining that they were Mistress’s. At the point of climax I was to cum into the panties. This was a nice treat and my imagination was running wild thinking about the beautiful Miss Deelight. I then had to relock her cock afterwards.

Day 2

I woke having had a broken night’s sleep due to the excitement, being horny in my cage, and therefore Mistress’s cock waking me up. Today’s task was to unlock her cock, and then edge at work three times in the toilets. This was a nice task, although I’ve not had much experience of edging before. The art of wanking, without coming, is not one I have yet mastered properly. I completed my task without any accidents thankfully, and I reported in at the specified time. Mistress was pleased that I had controlled myself and said I had to leave my device off, no coming and NO stimulation overnight. This was more difficult than being in chastity. I really wanted to either wank, or put my device on. Doing nothing was more difficult than I imagined.

Day 3

I had an important meeting today and I had to wear a suit, which meant that I couldn’t wear my chastity device. Mistress’s instructions were to edge myself and put on my device as soon as I got home. I informed her that I had a few hours driving following my meeting, and was this ok or would she like me to put it on sooner. She said that the earliest opportunity would be much more amusing. So after my meeting I pulled into the first motorway services, went into the toilets, changed my clothes, edged myself and then locked up. As Mistress wanted amusement I thought that I would wear the panties again too. When I got home and informed Mistress she was displeased with my actions. She had deliberately not told me to wear my panties. She then enquired whether I had completed my runs that she has instructed me to do. Again, I disappointed her as I had missed two runs in the last two weeks. She then instructed a punishment of two hours with a medium sized butt plug, to be held in by an amusing method. I decided on using the flex of an iron to secure it in place. This meant that I had an iron as my friend for a few hours. I posted a picture on Twitter to amuse my followers too, and I did get some funny comments back. Mistress even wanted a picture of my new friend “Lafet” tucked up in bed.

Day 4

I was due to have a session with Mistress today, but unfortunately she was unwell. She therefore planned a skype messaging session for me. I was also tasked with obtaining some stinging nettles. This was harder than I thought it was going to be, but I found some eventually nevertheless. Mistress and I chatted for a while and we did some internet shopping. I was then privileged to watch one of Mistress’s excellent videos and permitted an orgasm, but I had to use the nettles as I wanked. This was extremely painful, and made me come very quickly. The rest of the day my cock stung and itched, whilst back in its chastity device.

Day 5

I waited in for my deliveries, which consisted of a latex maids outfit and a butt plug harness. When they arrived I was instructed to put them on and send Mistress some photos. I did this, and Mistress was amused to see that the harness I had purchased also had a strap-on dildo. She quizzed me on my choice and I explained that it was the only open crouch mens butt plug harness that I could get on next day delivery. She then said no more play and for me to remain locked. I texted Mistress suggesting a few things and asking whether there was anything else that she’d like me to do, but I received no response, so I then carried on with my tidying and sorting around the house whilst wearing my new outfit.

Day 6

My morning text from Mistress was a long one. It was a proper telling off for trying to top from the bottom, getting too excited, and expecting too much. I was then instructed to administer hourly self spankings with a wooden spoon, once I had seen my wife for lunch. I got home from lunch shortly before two, and gave myself my first spanking of 10 hard strokes on each cheek at two o’clock. This continued every hour until 10pm, by which time I was really depressed and not too far from quitting. Yes, I was very, very miserable. I did have a sense of achievement, but I was not sure whether the whole slave thing was for me after all. It definitely brought me down with a bump after the previous couple of days.

Day 7

My morning text was really bright and positive from Mistress, and it helped me lift my mood. She then sent me a sexy cheeky smile photo which then really cheered me up. After work that evening my task was to have hourly edging sessions using my fleshlight sex toy. This was great and I really enjoyed it, especially after yesterday’s experience. This was turning into quite a rollercoaster. Even with these wanking sessions I still wasn’t allowed an orgasm though. I hadn’t cum since my stinging nettle orgasm of last Friday, and I was very horny – but not a bad way to finish my first week!

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