Just to quickly say thank you again for yesterday’s session!

I had so many new exciting experiences you can’t imagine how satisfied a slave I was by the end of the session (and still am!) ;D

Thank you for the wonderful 30 minutes of your time today. I have had sessions with quite a few mistresses and you are by far the most professional and courteous.

Was really good to see you and Mistress R’eal this morning. It was absolutely perfect! Hope to see you again soon, although it’s a long way to Wales!

I must say that, that was one of the best c/p sessions I have ever had I 30 years of sessioning!! Well done….

Thank you for today Mistress! It was amazing, we did loads of stuff which I’d never done but always wanted to try!
Sometimes realising a fantasy can be disappointing, not in this case ;)
All the best.

Thank you for the best session I have ever had,  you are equally or more beautiful than your website shows.
The electrics were fantastic, and mummification in clingfilm , combined with breathplay and facesitting took me to a different level.
A very enjoyable and relaxing after session chat as well.

Hello Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal.  I have seen the clip now and i have to say, that is a fantastic and very sexy clip. Thank you both for the great job. I wish you a nice weekend and all the best in the future.

You are amazing!! Thank You so much for making another clip for me.. That white leather outfit, really did it for me and to see You smoking with gloves…*sighs*.. I could imagine being strapped to Your table, taking Your secondhand smoke, eating Your ashes and You putting Your cig down my cock!! Amazing!!

I hope you have had a good day. I wanted to let you know that I have received the video, you look amazing and the video is excellent, exactly what I wanted. I particularly liked the surprise at the end.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for today. The experience was mind blowing and exceeded all of my expectations. I was very nervous and you put me at ease straight away. You are very good at what you do. Rx

Everything went perfect….what an experience!  I’ve never felt so horny in my life….only lasted until 3 on your countdown though, and then the dam just burst lol.  The video was wonderful, as was the package ;)

Dear Mistress Deelight, this afternoon was the best session i have had.  Glad to take all that was given and not say stop, although i felt pain all round, it never stopped me and disappoint you both. Miss Lady Pink is a beautiful slave with a lovely bottom just like yours, it was a privilege to kiss those cheeks, Once again thank you both.

Oh my goodness Mistress, what a session that was. It’s only today that I have enough of my wits back to tell you.
I was in shock when I first came in to find you wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of boots. Then when you pointed out Mistress R’eal similarly (un) clothed.
A pair of absolutely stunning mistresses. I was speechless.

As to the session, you’ll never know how close I came to amber during the caning. It was absolute agony, and all my screams were 100% genuine.
The pair of you paused just long enough, and encouraged me with your magnificent bodies just enough for me to just about bear. – I have never had a beating anything like that before. – My bottom is still tender, and I can still feel the ridges in it.
In the end it was only that I didn’t want to let you down. – but it was mighty close.
Then part two: You merrily working on my cock, and Mistress R’eal alternately sitting on my chest, and giving me the full facial. – I could tell that she was enjoying things as well.
And finally, after forty two weeks, the release I had been waiting so long for. Such a climax. I had almost forgotten what they felt like.
It is only today that my (your) cock has begun (pointlessly) to stir again.

A mixture of almost unbearable pain, exquisite physical pleasure, and the sight of two magnificently beautiful women.

I feel really special.

Thank you for a wonderful half hour.  You are beautiful, enigmatic, charming and gracious.
You are a stunning lady and your feet were PERFECT.
Thank you again


 Dear Mistress

Because every time we meet my mind goes to mush I thought I would write these thoughts down and email them.

Mistress I just want you to know that you have improved my life and self worth so much. Before our first session in January it was just mundane life and work and I missed the d/s side of my life, after our first session it was like a cloud had been lifted and to know that you had enjoyed our session as well was a massive boost for me.

Then came the second session which being longer was just 3 hours of total escapism and the cp session really changed me, you took me somewhere Ive never been able to go with you coaching of dealing with the pain and I think it was that point that you totally hooked me and turned me into a slave that will now do anything for you.

Which I think is why our third session was so different for me. I never expected to be so much more nervous and excited about this session that our first meeting. But I think and as odd as this may seem It was the arrival of the chair which to me symbolised  the end of just a follower of your work and the beginning of my journey as one of you slaves. Then to do the sissy mouse scenes was the icing on the cake. Cross dressing is something that I like but have no illusions that I am anything more than a “fat bloke in a dress” and this did really hit the humiliation button for me. With all this also came the statement from you that I was your most loyal slave. Now this is something I was very honoured to hear and immensely proud to be told and to be.

So Mistress what I would like to add to the above is If you are having a bad day just remember you have brought sunshine into my life ( and the lives of many others as well I’m sure ) and hopefully when you are wading through the fuckwits many loyal slaves will take the plunge and enjoy the pleasure of serving you over time.

Mistress I am fully committed to our long term professional relationship and will continue to serve you for as long as you wish. Our sessions are very special to me and I look forward to the next the moment the last one ends. Further to this I’m also willing to do anything I can to help you build your brand and to be of use to you in any way you see fit.

Thank you Mistress and sorry for the ramble.

Kind Regards

sissy mouse 

Thank you so much for an amazing session yesterday it was truly beyond my wildest fantasy. Honestly I am lost for words on how amazing it was and I have never felt such an intense release.

Can I also thank you for allowing me pursue my fetish and desire in such a safe environment. I feel so at ease with you as you have a natural skill in reading people hence why I am able let myself go completely.

I have watched the clip You made for me, and I must say that You are amazing!! Sexy as hell, with that latex dress and such a playful, but cruel Lady. I could really see myself strapped into Your chair, being tortured by You and Your cigarettes…*sighs*.


Thank You so much for a great clip and if I’m ever near You, I will surely apply for a session, being Your human ashtray..

“Miss Deelight is a dangerous addiction, so beautiful and yet so demanding. I had a fantastic session with her and the wonderful Miss Pink. From them kidnapping me wearing silk scarf and bandanna masks through to me and Miss Pink being bound and gagged together and us both teased to orgasm I had a great time. A double sub session is highly recommended. Both Miss Deelight and Miss Pink have great bodies, beautiful faces, and erotic voices to die for. Thanks to you both”

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