Feedback From An Introductory Session

I had a gentleman visit me at my chambers last week for an introductory session. I nicknamed him ‘Slave Chatterbox’ because he hardly said a word for the entire session! He wasn’t sure if the world of Kink was for him but he had been intrigued to find out.  Here is his feedback from our time together….

Dear Mistress Deelight

Thank you for a wonderful introduction into a very interesting world and showing me were my limits start.

I’m still not sure where I belong in this world, but know it’s a world that needs further investigation and I know I’ll enjoy exploring it.

I couldn’t have asked for a more charming, beautiful, considerate, delightful (in every way) or skilful Mistress to introduce me to your world. Your photos and videos don’t do you justice and as you may have noticed :) you certainly captivated me in more ways than one. I can see how easy it would be to become completely enthralled by you and fall under your spell of adoration.

The cp was more enjoyable than I thought it would be and I was actually pleasantly surprised by how intense the cane felt. It certainly leaves you with something to remember it by ;) But the real eye opener was the sensory deprivation combined with being tied up. The feeling of utter helplessness, combined with the an explosion of the senses made it a really intense physical and mental experience. I couldn’t see a thing, but my brain was looking for any clue it could pick up on. I could sense where you were most of the time by the faintest of sounds, angle of your crop, change of air pressure when you moved and the occasional brush of skin, the experience alone would have more than made it worth the visit.

As I’ve already said, I’m going to explore this new world further, but think I need an emotional connection as well as a physical one and I’m probably more switch than true sub, however if I’m ever looking for just a purely submissive experience, then I’d definitely book a session with you again (with your permission of course) and give you relatively free rein so you can have some fun too ;)

Nb. Nipple torture doesn’t do it for me, think they’re way too sensitive, just the pegs on, them took every other thought away, you could probably have done anything to me then and I wouldn’t have noticed. God only knows how it would have felt with nipple clamps (don’t think I’d like to find out either).

Once again thank you for a wonderful life affirming experience, much more than just one-off the bucket list. If I could find anyone half as sensuous as you in the real world, I’d die a very happy man

Your chatterbox slave for the day

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