Feet, Tights and Pissy Panties.

Tights-Fetish-Miss-DeelightI did an interesting role-play with a tights fetish client,  in which I crept into the bed of my ‘victim’ wearing opaque tights and silky panties.  I proceeded to tease him until he woke up, at which point I informed him that I was there to seek my revenge and teach him a lesson, after I caught him continuously perving at me at work.  If he didn’t do as I told him, I would tell his wife that we had been having an affair.  I then used him, making him suck and kiss my nylon covered feet and legs, rubbing them all over his body.  I teased his little pin dick with my toes and soon had him where he belonged, sniffing and licking my ass through my tights and bright pink full knickers.  When I realised he was getting a little too excited it was time to bring him down a few more levels, so I spanked him until he cried like a girl, all the while telling him how I was going to abuse his ass and fuck him with my strap on.  He whined and begged as I finger fucked his virgin ass hole! Ha Ha Ha.  Perverted low life maggot cocks, are of no use to anyone at all, but I was in a generous mood so I decided to give him a use; he became my toilet.  I sat on his face with my tights and panties still on, and covered him with my hot, steamy piss! He was under no illusion of his new purpose in life, but was grateful that he does at least have one now!



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