Forced Fitness for Slave Dodu – Dominated into Shape

Meet the flabby belly of Slave Dodu (dodu is french for tubby or plump).  This is the ‘before’ picture he has presented to me, as he begins a journey of forced exercise and dietary changes; a request he has made because he is too weak and unmotivated to get fit without help.  For the foreseeable future, Slave Dodu will be put on a regular exercise program and a strict diet in order for him to shed his flab and get fit for his Mistress.  This is an email based domination service in which this slave will get fit and lose weight under my control, the catch is that he is not permitted to masturbate until he has completed a set exercise, which for this first month will focus on running and a change of diet.  If he fails at either then he doesn’t get to masturbate, simples!  Watch this space to see how he progresses.

STARTING WEIGHT: 19 Stone (121 KG)

month 1 week 1 (4) forced-fitness-by-femdom

Are you like Slave Dodu?  Overweight, unfit and lacking in motivation to do anything about it?  I know how much you want to please me and I know how much you want to be admired as one of my healthy subs, so you better get in touch now – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain providing you can prove your commitment to me and my regimes.  (monthly tribute applies).

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