Forced Smoking

So a slave visited me the other day and he wanted to film his session, however I wasn’t impressed with his camera skills, despite the fact that he had 3 cameras to play with. He had managed to cut my head out of every good clip we’d made. In my exasperation I decided I needed a cigarette so I thought I’d smoke one mid session. Of course, every real slave knows that if it’s mistress smokes, then it must smoke too, and so this is what happened to poor Slave JJ. Boy did he go green! I thought he would puke on my boots!

The pathetic little slave is so fucking useless as a camera man that I decide to put him to better use as an ashtray. He’s never smoked in his life so it’s time he fucking started, nausea or no nausea; this slave is green with smoke inhalation.

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