Forthcoming Webcam Sessions

My webcam availability has been very infrequent for a good couple of months for various reasons, including an increase in real-time sessions; and lots of my cam pets have been asking if I am giving it up, the answer is NO!  I am most certainly not giving up online and cyber domination as I enjoy it very much.  So for all you slaves, sissy sluts, losers, pigs, worms and all my other cam subs, I am pleased to say that I will be available this Friday 31 January from 1 pm until early evening, and this Saturday 1 Feb from 1 pm until tea time.  You can either pre-book a skype session with me or you can catch me on directcam through my profile.

I’m feeling especially Deelightful and incredibly naughty, so be prepared to be seduced, teased, edged, hypnotised and abused!


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