Gifting Protocol (Basic Manners Really)



  1. 1.

    a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

Lately I and one or two of my female friends and colleagues,  have received a number of emails and Skype messages asking things like, “If I buy you a gift, what will I get in return” or “Can I buy you a gift and then you give me a webcam session?”.  I have a wishlist of things I desire, most of which are things that I desire for myself, not for work purposes.  That is why it is called a wish list.  I can, if I want to, buy business purchases with the money that goes through my business account.  Money that I take from real time sessions, Skype sessions, phone chat, custom videos etc etc; in other words, money that I have earned legitimately from offering very good, adult services.   Occasionally when I require something big for my dungeon, I will ask the help of my slaves to contribute towards the purchase and in turn they get the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped towards boosting my business.

The point I am trying to make is this; If you wish to buy me a gift then you are very welcome to do so and it will be gratefully received and acknowledged.  The satisfaction that you, as a slave, will get from buying me this gift, is the knowledge that you have in some way, contributed to my happiness. You have made a gift of something that makes me feel special and spoiled and you have also put a smile on my face.  What better reward could you ask for?  Gifting to someone who genuinely appreciates it.  More often than not, my acknowledgement will come in the form of a YouTube video of thanks, or some pictures and always a mention on my blog.  You will sit higher than other slaves, who can only dream of making me as happy as you have.

If you wish to have a session with me, whether that be real time or Skype or by any other means, I am providing a service for you, which you will be required to pay for, and if you feel, during or after your mind blowing session, that you’d like to purchase a gift to thank me for the amazing service I have offered, (one that you might not find elsewhere, or from your partners, or lesser experienced Dommes) then your kindness will be received with a smile and a thanks.

If a gift is given to me with the expectation that I am going to give something of equal value back, then I would rather not receive the gift at all.  Giving to receive, doesn’t fill the recipient with Joy, it fills them with anxiety from the obligatory return.

Those of you who gift genuinely, will know that this post isn’t directed at you, and you are all warmly accepted into the House of Deelight; your kindness is always appreciated.

When we give, we do so, not to receive but to show our appreciation to the recipient of the gift.

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