Gimp Tie and Tease – Part 1 – Available Now!

Gimp Tie and Tease – Part 1 – Hemp Roped to a Chair

Watch in awe and wish it was you as I, dressed in skin tight latex and thigh high boots,  use my expert rope skills to begin binding a masked gimp to a chair, taunting him as I go about what I’m going to do to him while his cock twitches hopelessly. As I apply the blindfold I talk to him about how I’m going to mess with his mind and begin to tease his desperate nipples. Continuing to bind his thighs to the chair in what is going to be inescapable bondage…..

Recorded in a live session.

View the mini preview of parts 1 – 3 below – visit my clips4sale store to buy the full size HD versions.

Part 1 is available now in my clips4sale store

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Part 2 and 3 will follow consecutively in the next 48 hours.

This was recorded during a live session, there are approximately 8 parts all together with the full session being released thereafter as a full movie.  Future parts contain cock tease, human ashtray, smoking, breath control and nipple play.

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