Gimpy’s Punishment

I was absolutely not impressed when I discovered that my slave Gimpy had broken his cock sucking virginity at the service of another Mistress, and to add insult to injury, he did so without my permission.  This is absolutely not acceptable by any means and the silly prat has been paying for his mistake since.

Firstly he bought me new boots.  Sorry, not bloody good enough.

Secondly he wrote me 2 pages of lines reading “I MUST ALWAYS SEEK PERMISSION FROM MY MISTRESS BEFORE I SUCK COCK.”

The next part of his punishment came in the form of a wanking ban.  Gimpy was instructed to wank every night to the point of ejaculation but he wasn’t allowed to cum, he was to save that for a private session….

When Gimpy arrived at the dungeon I decided to get straight down to his punishment, this time he didn’t get a proper warm up.  Just 40 hard fast spanks before I went in with the 10 good hard whacks from the leather strap, followed by a grueling cropping and finished off with some butt clenching, stinging, hits from a heavy, 3 pronged tawse.  Gimpy finally got some marks that weren’t going to vanish after a day or two.

After his CP I wanted to really make him suffer.  I didn’t want to hear his grovelling, pathetic excuses so I gagged him.  I didn’t want him to have the privilege of looking at my sexy body, so I blindfolded him.  Under no circumstances was I going to let him touch me, so I tied him too.

With the Gimp restrained, and silenced I decided to make sure he knew exactly  who his mistress was.  With a parachute and weight attached to his full and aching balls, he was wanked over and over to the edge of orgasm; being teased and taunted with the notion that my face and mouth were so close to his aching, throbbing cock; not that they were! LOL.  As if I would actually put myself in the  firing line of his load of spunk!  Gleefully I put him through his pain nightmare by attaching clover clamps to his delicate nipples.  As his muffled cries and wailing filled the room, I dug my nails into his balls, continuously wanking his cock but not allowing him to cum.

The wimp couldn’t take the clamps for too long, so I let him have a mini reprieve before getting up close to him and whispering in his ear, edging him to cum but not allowing to.  The pathetic little cock sucker was close to tears, begging me to allow him to cum.  “Please Mistress?!”

I released him with his cock still hard, instructed him to get dressed and sent him off to work… aching.

I think he may have learned his lesson.