Goddess Outfit Required

Your Goddess has seen an outfit that she has fallen in love with.


Who will be the first to contribute to one of these three items and be the first lucky minion to receive private and personalised photos of me wearing it?  If you are lucky I will even grant you recognition in the sought after hall of Pity Boy fame.

Imagine kneeling before me with your head bowed.  As I give you permission to open your eyes you look up to see your goddess stood before you, looking down on you wearing this amazingly powerful and sexy coat. If you wish to deem yourself worthy of the privilege then you will know what you have to do.

Imagine further that as Miss Deelight stands before you, making you feel like the pathetic slave that you are, you are so desperate for her attention and to see more.  Did you at any time wish you’d been the man to have spent his money to have the coat unzipped to reveal the Goddess then dressed in this:

Of course the outfit wouldn’t be complete without a stunning pair of heels for one or even two lucky slaves to kiss and worship.

Wouldn’t you feel so ashamed and so gutted if you missed out on the chance to receive exclusive pictures of Miss Deelight dressed in items from this outfit or even the entire outfit?  No doubt you are sat there now, imagining these clothes draped over the gorgeous curves, toned legs and beautiful ass of your favourite Goddess in her amazing long blonde locks.  Can you imagine getting to see this in person?  Can you feel yourself submitting to my every command, dazzled by my sheer beauty and knowing that you made this outfit happen?

If you are clever enough to know how you can make this happen, then email me angeldeelight@me.com.  I would like to know what donation you are willing to offer or what article you are going to buy me.  You must tell me how you imagine me wearing it and if you intend to book me to make this a reality or if indeed you know you are simply going to have to settle for photos.  Only the best offers will receive consideration.