GoodBye, Adios, But Also See you Around ;)

It is with much consideration and heartfelt regret that I have decided that, apart from a small handful of my most loyal and trusted slaves,(if you don’t know who you are, a) you should or b) you should ask!) I will be ceasing real-time sessions in Newport from the 1st January. I have mentioned on a few occasions and many of you have had to have sessions rescheduled, because I have had some quite debilitating health problems which, in the grand scheme of things have been worsened by physical activity. I do not wish to hang up my whips and boots forever, so I have decided to go a little more ‘underground’ and work on my own terms when I feel able to. I will most certainly be offering custom clips and maintaining my clip sites, and I am sure that when time allows, you will find me online on either Adultwork or via IWANTCLIPS. I’m very grateful to have had the success that I’ve experienced in the past 6 years, and would like to give a heart felt thanks to my good friend Mistress R’eal for all her support, but I also find myself getting stressed out when I’m unwell and unable to meet the demands of all you horny little fuckers. I will gradually be moving all my website content over to my profile, so you can still get your fix of me but alas, no freebies!  My public website will eventually be offline once I have completed the transfer over. If you keep following me on twitter, you will be notified when I am available for phone chat, webcam and team viewer sessions. My aim will be to establish more of a routine. As well as being a Mistress, I also wear many other hats and my time needs to be delegated in a way that keeps us all happy.

There are no hard feelings, there will be no regrets. This is purely something that I need to do for me, so that I can maintain a good balance with fetish and vanilla life.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or tweet me @miss_deelight xxx