Handkerchief and Bandana Fetish Kidnap

My slave girl Miss Lady Pink didn’t believe me when I told her that I’d kidnapped a man with a handkerchief and bandana fetish so I brought her along to my next kidnap.  Lying in wait for our victim, Miss Lady Pink stood looking very sinister wearing a bandana mask while I hid behind the door dressed similarly with a black bandana mask, yielding a knife ready to take down our victim as he walked through the door.  As he came home from a hard days perving, no doubt, his first sight was of Miss Lady Pink and before he could say a word I had my hand over his mouth and held my blade to his throat.  “Remember me, you pervy little fucker?” I whispered slowly in his ear.  “mmmmppppffff” Came his reply, in fact that was all he could say throughout his entire ordeal.  I continued, “Don’t say a fucking word and don’t you even think about doing anything stupid.”  After explaining that his current plight was a learning curb for Miss Lady Pink, I ordered my apprentice to strip him slowly while I continued to hold the knife to his throat.  Once stripped, naked and pathetically vulnerable, Miss Lady Pink forced a handkerchief into his mouth to act as a gag, which I secured with another bandana tied around his face.

After some deliberate teasing and showing of our faces, I left Miss Lady Pink alone to watch over our victim, instructing her not to be taken in by any of his pleading while I was out of the room.  To my absolute annoyance, when I returned to the room I caught my slave girl, trying to put our victims gag back in, which she had removed!  I reprimanded her and told her, that since she couldn’t be trusted to follow a simple instruction, she too must be gagged and bound in the same way our victim was, with a handkerchief gag and neck scarf binds.  I made my captives stand face to face while I explained their fate.

Leading them both up to my boudoir, I changed their gags and tied my victim to the bed with neck scarves, by his wrists.  I made Miss Lady Pink sit at the opposite end of the bed and bound his thighs to her ankles with rope, deliberately placing my slave’s nylon clad legs inside of my victims, so that her feet rested either side of his bandana tied cock.  With intermittent gag changes for them and scarf changes for me, each captive was subjected to a lot of intimate teasing and edging, by me rubbing them with handkerchiefs and bandanas and the hitachi wand; Miss Pink used her toes to tease the victim,  until  I brought her to a delicious orgasm while the victim looked on, gagged, bound, frustrated and helpless.



Of course this was all a roleplay session for our victim, and here is his testimonial:

“Miss Deelight is a dangerous addiction, so beautiful and yet so demanding. I had a fantastic session with her and the wonderful Miss Pink. From them kidnapping me wearing silk scarf and bandanna masks through to me and Miss Pink being bound and gagged together and us both teased to orgasm I had a great time. A double sub session is highly recommended. Both Miss Deelight and Miss Pink have great bodies, beautiful faces, and erotic voices to die for. Thanks to you both”

Miss Lady Pink is available for double slave sessions every Monday (tribute applies).  To apply to serve alongside her or underneath her on my instruction, complete the application form.

Twitter:  @Miss_Deelight  and @MissLadyPink1



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