Happy New Year!

Good evening all my little submissive play things. I bet Christmas and New Year have been utter torture for you. All those family gatherings and roast dinners, when the only roast you had on your mind was a good spit roasting.

All the while you were forced to eat stuffed turkey, but all you could think about was being stuffed hard by the delicious smooth feel of my strap on, whilst my soft feminine hands held your hips as I thrust myself into you, remind you every moment who you belong to, sending your entire soul into melting mode as you submit yourself to me.

With every gift you unwrapped and with every gift unwrapped before you, you would daydream about kneeling at my leather booted feet, your longing eyes gazing up at me as you reach out and pass me the special gift you’d lovingly chosen and wrapped for me, hoping and praying that it would please me and that you might just catch a glint of a smile on my face, a little twinkle of appreciation in my eyes.

With every sip of champagne or your favourite wine, you found yourself imagining that you were tasting my own delicious female champagne, as a test of your utter dedication to me.

And every time you glanced upon the baubles on the tree you were beside yourself, lost in the fantasy that your balls were trussed in a fine rope swelling with your spunk ready to explode when Mistress released you and granted you permission.

Each time you heard the melody of ‘Santa Baby’ played across the airwaves you cast your mind to a vision of me, dressed in my divinely sexy red and white fur-trimmed bask, white stockings, delicious red heels and delicate little red panties, teasing you, my little elf, whilst you are harnessed along with 7 other slaves to my very own sleigh of pain.


You poor, poor little man, how dreadful that must have been for you all that fantasising whilst I barely cast you a moments thought during my own celebrations.

Well my little elves, it is now time to stop dreaming, as your normal routine resumes and your diary is becoming organised, as life returns to normal, you need not fantasise any more. My chambers have opened once more and my time is now available for you. All that waiting is over my darling, pathetic little creatures. Come to Mummy and tell me all about how much you missed me.


Miss D xxx

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