Having a Tantrum!

I am indeed, all toys, rattles and everything out of the pram right now!  I’ve lost a whole day of web cam shows because my laptop can no longer cope with the high demands I make of it in order to keep you slaves under control and permanently addicted.  I’m thoroughly pissed off thanks to my now ridiculously slow and incapable pile of junk computer. I have audio recordings to make, movie clips to edit, cam clients to use and abuse, photo’s to edit and emails to answer; just a few of the daily jobs that must be completed in order to keep the House of Deelight running smoothly; none of which are getting done at any speed.

Stamping my feet and getting very frustrated indeed.  I need a new laptop.  I need a high speed laptop capable of handling my multi tasking and creative tasks.  I need an

HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j005ea Laptop

This laptop will suit all my business needs, but how the hell am I supposed to buy it when I can’t get through enough of my workload to earn the damn money to do so?

Piggies and financial slaves, this is now your chance to really get my attention! If ever a princess ever needed anything so badly in all her life, it is now! You are only good for one thing, and that’s your wallet, so make yourself useful and go fetch this laptop for me so that I can get back up to speed and back in control, and you can finally feel good about yourself.  What better thing could you spend your money on, that a piece of equipment to help me earn even more!

Stop squealing and start spending!

My bank details are:

MD Enterprises

a/c: 72078643

s/c: 40-46-18

I bank with HSBC if you want to pay cash in over the counter.  All piggies, to put your name/nickname as a reference so I can thank you later.

Or if you plan to buy this outright because you want to prove yourself to me as the best little pig in the sty, email me for delivery details:  missdeelight@outlook.com



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