High Heels and Foot Worship for Newbies – New Fetish Clip

What do you fucking want slave?  Look at you sitting down there looking up so hopelessly at me. Is this what you want? Do you want to worship at my feet?  You want to kiss my feet and worship my suede leather heels don’t you?  You need to be naked so get all your fucking clothes off.  Slaves don’t get to wear clothes.  Slaves should be naked and exposed at all times.  So this is what you want slave, you want my heels.

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Go on then, start at the very tip of the heel and you work your way up slowly.  I know how hard that makes your cock, being able to worship my heels.  The power that my heels have over you, even just basic heels like this. No stilettos, you don’t deserve stilettos.  You’re just a beginner and must progress to stilettos when you are ready.  You can practice on these for now and be grateful for the scraps I throw you.  Mistress loves watching slaves at my feet. I love having that power over you.

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I love watching you as you melt into a blissful state of pure submission.  Just by the very act of kissing my shoes.  It doesn’t take much to put you in your place. You know exactly where you need to be and that’s here in front of me, looking up at me as I watch down on you to reinforce your position and mine.

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And of course you’re going to want to worship my feet when they are attached to such magnificent toned legs.  Mistress loves it when you take your time because it shows your willing and your devotion.

foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (9)


It also shows your respect when you kiss slowly.  Don’t slobber. I fucking hate slobbering.  Now take your time you’re going to be there for a while.  You’re in such a wonderful place. Here you can just escape to your subspace.

foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (10)


I can see how hard that is making you, look at your cock; it’s dribbling.  You want to spunk but you’re not allowed. You can’t spunk without my permission.  Get your face in there and sniff the soles as Deelight and hand your soul over to me.  Sniff the feet of your goddess. Doesn’t that smell really fucking nice?

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What? You want me to take it off? Beg me! “Please Mistress, let me smell your feet, let me lick your soles Please Mistress!”  I love to hear you begging slave because I know just how badly you want it.

foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (20)


Now you can kiss my feet?  Watch as I take the other shoe off.  Beg again! Show me how badly you want me to take it off!  Ready?  Now then, do what you are supposed to do.  You lick my feet now slave. You lick my feet.  Sniff the soles and put them right over your face and take a big inhale of the scent of my feet.  That’s it, now lick all the way up!  Good Boy! Very good boy!

foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (22)

What’s that? You want to cum on my toes?  Go on then slave, as you’ve done so well for your first time I’m going to let you.  Wank that cock for me now Slave. Wank it hard.  Good Boy!

foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (26)







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