Do A Good Deed For Mistress


For many of you today is pay day, how are you going to spend your money?  A nice meal out, a few drinks with the boys?  How much of your excess income are you going to fritter away on non important things?  Mistress suggests that you take a good hard look at yourself and instead of being wasteful, send some of that extra cash to my sponsorship account where your money will go towards helping me raise my £2000 fundraising target that I have pledged to a charity close to my heart.

While you are supping away on your beer or enjoying your bottles of wine,

I will be continuing my hard training in preparation for the London Marathon in April. 

Show your true devotion to your Mistress, especially those of you who regularly follow my free content from afar and don’t make yourselves known.

So far I have raised £505 of my target so I’m still a long way off! I am always getting tweets and emails asking “How can I serve you Mistress, I’ll do anything for you”.  Well this is how you can serve me. You can sponsor me which will motivate me whilst raising money for a fantastic cause.  Your sponsorship will be totally confidential unless you email me and tell me that you are happy for your slave name or stage name to be printed on my blog so that I can thank you.  This is why I am asking for monies to be paid into my bank account so you can do it with internet banking or pay cash over the counter at an HSBC Branch and remain anonymous.  All I ask is that you put the reference as “Sponsorship” and email me your nickname if you wish to be mentioned.

Here are the details for where to send your donations :

MD Enterprises (HSBC)



If you are coming along for a session with me and wish to donate, please feel free to bring your donation along with you.  All donations will be very gratefully received, not just by me but by the people who will be helped as a result.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Mistress xx

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