Hypnobot Further Programming – Slave Hypnosis

My loyal hypnosis slave returned to the House of Deelight yesterday for further programming. He was greeted by his Commander wearing the RAF uniform that he had purchased previously.  A strict and smart, buttoned up vision of power.  The gold shiny buttons an instant trigger to his arousal. During this session, Hypnobot was put into a deep trance once more so that I could further program it to be completely subservient and under my full control.  You will see from the pictures that whilst in a state of trance I tied an invisible rope around his wrist and elevated his arm to prove the deep level of hypnotic conditioning he was under. I have left him further conditioned to enter this deep state of trance at a mere touch combined with a simple trigger command. I have also programmed my Hypnobot to receive triggers that will cause various responses with written commands. This has set the scene now for future sessions in which another Hypnobot will join the fleet of programmed, mindless, objectified robotic slaves.  Hypnobot has submitted his session report below.





As is always the case on any visit to attend to Miss Deelight I had tremendous feelings of excitement and curiosity in the days leading up to the session and the morning itself.  The memories of serving Mistress the last time I was very kindly permitted to attend were still fresh, Her striking red tie, stern gaze, cane in hand. Mistress skilful and powerful hypnosis, putting me to sleep at will, and in these moments of sublime mindless relaxation Her suggestions and commands were being registered deep within subconsciously. On awakening i would be at Her mercy and Her plaything, ready to instantly obey Mistress orders and whatever triggers had been unknowingly planted.

Today I confirmed my appointment and before leaving for the session checked my attire carefully as Mistress likes to see Her hypnobot immaculately presented. enroute I received a text from Mistress to bring a black tie.

Expecting that Mistress would be wearing her powerful red tie I had that curiosity mentioned before and wondered what was in store. Having nipped into a shop to find a suitable tie I made my way to HoD and proceeded into Her chambers.

In front of me stood Mistress in her smart RAF uniform and all that was needed to complete the look was a black tie.  I saw the large shiny gold buttons all done up on the jacket and immediately felt arousal at Mistress excellent standards.  With the tie now in its rightful place around Mistress neck the session began and I was ordered to lay down for the hypnosis.

Very quickly I slipped into a deep relaxed state and reached the point of unconsciousness as yet again in my minds eye i was led by Mistress words down a staircase, each step sending me deeper and exponentially more relaxed.



On awakening the immediate sensation was to obey Mistress without question or hesitation. Now though it was not ‘Yes Mistress’ that came from my lips but ‘Yes Commander’.  Mistress was now my Commander in my mind and I stood at attention, stiffly and quietly like a tin soldier.

Mistress checked my clothing. i remained blank faced, eyes front, arms stiffly by my side. All that mattered or existed was the Commander and whatever She ordered.  if it was required that Her hypnobot, which was now my role, were to remain standing rigidly still for hours on end there would be no thought, no question, just obedience.

Ordered at ease, my Commander required Her hypnobot to assist with photographic duties. it was confirmed to the hypnobot I now was that these were for further promotional purposes, as further hypnobots are going to be recruited by Commander to be programmed and developed to serve Her. This is their sole purpose in being and their numbers are to increase as per the requirements of the hypnobot Commander.

The photos were taken. Commander’s brilliant gold buttons gleamed in the flash of the lens and triggered arousal in Her servant.  Among the tasks required in photography was that of what was deemed a ‘hypnobot storage unit’. This was a tall cage that confined a fully processed robot and in which they could be kept asleep and upright. awaiting reactivation whenever the Commander required them. this mindless obedience was the essential nature of the hypnobot.


Indeed the Commander ordered her robot to march smartly into the container and the robot was duly locked in.

The hypnobot was placed into a sleep while stood up in the cage, because one moment it was immaculately dressed and the next instance the trousers were down and hypnobots penis was out and completely erect, no doubt due to Commanders hypnotic suggestions.


The hypnobot Commander used her servants erect penis, administering her hypnotic skill to induce orgasm. The mind of her robotic slave now filled with the utmost arousal and pleasure.

Released from the storage container the hypnobot was given a debriefing and further orders by the Commander to take forward.

The session came to an end and now released from the hypnotic trance i was back to normal but the memory of complete obedience and robotisation remained strongly in my mind.  However i still found myself addressing Miss Deelight as Commander, so it seems that one post hypnotic suggestion is clearly known. i wonder what others Commander has programmed.

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