Hypnobot Meets its New Colleague

My trusted hypnotised employee, Hypnobot returned to the Deelight Establishment to meet its new colleague, my stunning female submissive Jessy J (fka Miss Pink) who had already been hypnotised and programmed before her male counterpart’s arrival so that she may serve alongside him and under my control as a fully robotic servant.

Male Hypnobot had been programmed to purchase a very smart suit for its new colleague and was instructed to present her with a tie on its arrival. Before male Hypnobot presented it, I used the deeply ingrained ‘sleep’ trigger to instantly put it into a trance where I programmed it to become highly aroused as it performed its first duty.  It was then programmed to apply a tie it had also purchased for me, its commander.

Unfortunately for my male Hypnobot, this act was not done to my satisfaction and a punishment was ordered. Forced to strip itself of its smart attire, Hypnobot was then led up to a bedroom in my chambers where CBT punishment was administered. This was followed by some torturous mind fuck teasing my suffering male servant. Throughout the course of the meeting, female Hypnobot was also put to sleep using a ‘sleep’ trigger and given further programming. Both Hypnobots served as mindless robots for the entirety of the session.

I will now hand you over to male Hypnobot for his post-session write-up…..

All sessions with my Commander had, to date, been simply Her and myself; a willing submission by myself to Her hypnotic dominance, and with 100% trust in Her power and control. For the first time we were to experience a new kind of session; one involving Her wonderfully submissive servant Miss Pink.

Ahead of this there had been a lot of preparation and planning. Miss Pink was to serve alongside me as another hypnobot. Essentially a submissive who was willing to undergo deep hypnotic conditioning to ultimately serve and obey Commander unquestionably. A very smart grey business suit was acquired and Miss Pink ensured a lovely crisp white shirt was obtained, i simply had to ensure on the day an elegant black tie was provided – and that i had a matching one, for the sake of uniformity.

On arrival at HoD, in my grey suit, white shirt and black tie, Commander greeted me, looking absolutely stunning as always – this time in a powerful business suit rather than the military uniform of before.

i was led through and met Miss Pink for the first time. To those who have only seen Her in photographs, i must say that in person She is stunningly beautiful, and in a tailored suit and shirt, every button done up i was immediately impressed and excited.

smart-hypnobots (10)
My first duty was to present Miss Pink with Her tie and to then put it on Her.  This act brought strong feelings of arousal as the tie slid into place, ensuring it was nice and straight. My stomach churned and my knees weakened, but the task was complete. Next I had to ensure that Commander had Her own tie correctly applied.

Before this took place though Commander stepped up to Miss Pink, placed Her hand on the shoulder of Her slave and said ‘hypnobot sleep’. Instantly, i saw Miss Pinks eyes snap shut, head slump forward and arms dangle carelessly at Her sides. This was quite simply the most exciting thing i had seen – a beautiful fully buttoned up suited lady put into hypnotic sleep at the drop of a hat.

i proceeded to assist Commander with Her tie and was looking sideways at the quiet mannequin Miss Pink now was. i thought, ‘in a little while i will look like that’ and excitement mounted. i was not quite yet in the mode of being a hypnobot, but this state could happen at any moment with Commanders trigger command. Miss Pink had undergone deep conditioning and the results were clear to see. She was now a hypnobot.

Commander required me to stand by Miss Pinks side. i felt a hand on my shoulder and the next i knew i was what can be considered a hypnobot. i was now utterly obedient and reliant upon Commander, any action could only occur if She willed it, and this situation was of course unquestioned.

Commander inspected both Her hypnobots. Both immacutely presented in the mirrors reflection on the wall of Commanders Study. Both stood smartly at attention.

In applying Commanders tie it turned out that this was done incorrectly by my pre-hypnobot self, and for this Commander ordered that punishment was necessary. As an obedient hypnobot i marched into Her chambers and stripped completely, then standing at attention. Commander followed with another Hypnobot at Her side, this of course being Miss Pink, who was completely under the hypnotic commands of our mutual owner.

The act of stripping was it transpired Commanders punishment for failing to ensure Her tie was correctly applied, and this removal of uniform caused shame and upset for Her slave.

The hypnobot i was proceeded further to another of Commanders chambers in which a bed was situated. ordered to lie down i did without question and Commander, along with Her dutiful female hypnobot, made certain my own robotic self was securely tethered at the wrists and ankles.

Commander explained that as further punishment it was ordered that Her hypnobot experience CBT. A tight rope was applied around the genitalia of the immobile hypnobot and then pegs applied, first by Commander and then continued by Her very smart and obedient female hypnobot.

smart-hypnobots (2)

The pegs gripped against the wretched appendage of Her robot slave. Her hypnobot was able to endure the pain, even as  Commander whipped the row of pegs covering the shaft of the penis and both nalls. Then to satisfy that the cock was sealed Commander ordered the female hypnobot to apply hot candlewax.

smart-hypnobots (8)smart-hypnobots (4)

As this dripped down my hypnobot felt arousal and submission to the other hypnobot. This felt completely natural and correct. A strict suited lady, also a conditioned hypnobot, was controlling me and tormenting me which resulted in arousal.

smart-hypnobots (5)
Degrees of pain and pleasure were further amplified (in this case immediate pain) when the female hypnobot began Itself to loosen its tie, unbutton its jacket and shirt and to clamber onto the bed thrusting this scruffy image into the eyes of the tethered hypnobot i was. Gagged and unable to speak i could not prevent the actions of the hypnobot at all, and this was even more painful when the female hypnobot then to my horror began to similarly undress Commander.This was utterly stomach churning and my hypnobot twisted and writhed in its bonds, desperate to tidy up both persons.

Though shortly again the pain and suffering ceased Now my hypnobot experienced intense pleasure as both Commander and the female hypnobot began to correct Their clothing, buttoning up slowly. My hands now free were instructed to administer relief and as the buttons each slid into place this occurred. An intense and euphoric surge of pleasure coarsed through the body of the hypnobot.

All of this was without doubt under the sublime control of the Commander. The female hypnobot was similarly controlled in such a way as to be obedient throughout. All that mattered was submission and surrender. Thank You Commander and thank You Miss Pink the hypnobot.

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