Hypnobot Presented To Another Mistress

The other day, My robotised servant, Hypnobot visited the House of Deelight to be presented to my wonderful friend, Mistress R’eal.  He has written such a good write up that I am going to hand it over to him.  I would just like to add that these are all the parts that he can remember.  He was fully hypnotised throughout his session.


On my latest visit to Commander to continue my service as Her obedient hypnobot i was instructed ahead of the visit that a very special guest would also be in attendance; none other than Mistress R’eal. She was to observe Commander and Hypnobot in action as the Chief Executive of another organisation whose employees were, we shall say, lacked a certain something. I would find out more on my arrival.

Of course this ensured i was determined to be as smart, polite and obedient as possible. Both to impress Mistress R’eal and most importantly not to let Commander down. This was a massive responsibility and showed how much trust She placed in me.

On arrival Commander greeted me looking simply stunning as always, and wearing a beautiful white mackintosh coat, buttoned strictly to the neck. I could not help but smile as my excitement and arousal grew.

In my own smart black coat (grey suit underneath) i was instructed to enter the Chambers and stand smartly as Mistress Re’al made Her entrance.

My legs shook as Mistress R’eal entered in a black business suit with crisp white shirt and powerful red tie. Commander had removed the mac and stood resplendant in Her RAF uniform. Each shining brass button fastened perfectly, each increasing my arousal. Likewise Mistress R’eals strict buttoned up standards aroused me and i felt my erection get even stronger.

Commander explained further the purpose of Mistress’ visit. Her staff are slovenly ill-attired and lack a work ethic. Having heard of Commanders perfect robotic employees She was here to learn more with a view to having Her staff robotised.

Ordered to remove my coat i was then instructed to lie down and make myself comfortable for a deep hypnotic induction. I knew on re-emerging i would be changed into the hypnobot and allowed myself a secretive smile.

Commanders soothing words soon led me deep down to trance and i must have slipped into a very profound state of relaxation.  The next awareness was to be alert and robotic, unable to do anything for myself, all that mattered was to obey my Commander and where instructed to serve Mistress R’eal.

Standing smartly at attention, my blank face reflecting back from Commanders mirror. It didn’t matter or raise any emotion as i stared straight ahead. I then marched through to the other room and on the instructions of Commander was placed into the storage unit to be displayed to Mistress R’eal. As Commanders hand touched my shoulder i slipped into a trance.

As awareness returned, which seemed like just a second though i must have been asleep for longer, i marched to Commanders punishment cross to be tied to it, though not before Commander had me drop my trousers and pants to my ankles.

To demonstrate how Commander can punish and reward Her hypnobots i had numerous pegs attached by both Commander and Mistress, my gaze locked straight ahead and without any feeling of pain.

Suddenly though i noted that both Commander and Mistress had their shirts unbuttoned, ties askew and jackets unbuttoned. I desperately tried to move to tidy them up but could not do so due to my bonds. I cried with the pain from both the pegs and the with the sight of the loose buttons and cleavage of Mistress R’eal in my face.

Released from my bonds i then was instructed to clean both pairs of shoes with my tongue. Licking furiously to clean off the dirt and then polish them up. Commander tied a collar an chain to my neck prior to cleaning Mistress R’eals shoes as i could not reach. i gagged as the collar tightened whilst i pulled forward to lick Her boots.

Begging to lick Mistress’ boots clean i was released from the collar and i leapt forward licking all the dirt off even more furiosly.

This duty i then had to attend to each Commanding Officers strap ons, suckibg them and licking them Mistress R’eal had a very large strapon and it filled my mouth.  Eager to please i did my best to fit as much in.

Strapped to Commanders punihment bench i was then spit roasted. Commander from behind and Mistress R’eal at the front. I could see myself in the mirror sucking hard while Commander entered me from behind. I obediently continued with my sucking, enjoying the sensations at either end.

Eventually Commander and Mistress R’eals fun ceased and Commander ordered me to tidy up Mistress R’eal, my erection increasing as Her beautiful but strict gaze fell on me as the buttons were refastened.

As Commander then proceeded to tidy Herself up i was ordered to masturbate. When the last button slid into place i could contain myself no longer and ejaculated in a wave of euphoria before both.

Returned to a dressed state and back to the ‘at attention’ stance i marched to the sofa for a final hypnotic procedure to return me to my everyday state, freewill returned.

It was also a pleasure to reawaken to the perfect sight of two stunningly attired Women smiling at me.

Commander, Your hypnobot reports how proud it now feels to be shown off to Mistress R’eal, and to Mistress R’eal thank You so much for allowing me to serve You. What an experience it was when i look back at the day.

Hypnobot xx

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