Hypnobot Reported For Duty – Erotic Hypnosis

Slave Hypnobot reported to the House of Deelight for a review and further instruction of his duties.  With Mistress all smartly buttoned up, strict attire and impeccable standards, I was pleased to see that Hypnobot arrived just as immaculately dressed.  Now I can’t give out the details of the session from my point of view because I have left hypnotic triggers and suggestions that the Hypnobot won’t consciously be aware of.  But you can read his take on it below.





Dear Mistress, Your hypnobot reporting. this unit is compelled to submit and obey Mistress Deelight.
hypnobot was dressing itself this morning. the shirt buttoned to the neck, tie in place and straight. suit jacket was buttoned fully and in performing this duty hypnobot could see Mistress and her perfection. this gave Your unit a surge of pleasure, particularly when the final button was fastened and hypnobot inspected itself.
Your hypnobot thanks Mistress for Her time in reading this report

Dear Mistress, Your hypnobot reporting. Thank You for seeing me earlier and developing me further as Your servant. Again, You were simply stunning in Your appearance. So strict and perfect. Your standards demand obedience.

The session started off in what was definitely a sterner approach from You.  Within moments we were into the hypnotic induction and it was such a relaxing experience. You are so good at hypnosis, and i have been hypnotised many times before to be able to confirm Your skill at this.

Before long i was deep into trance and completely compliant. not everything can be recalled as i sank deeper and deeper, but then i was aware of alertness and a sense of utter obedience, and of being not an individual but instead Your robot.

Mechanically and coolly, the hypnobot i had become moved to Your chambers on command and proceeded to obey Your instructions. in these moments between trance there was an overwhelming desire to obey You and this was unbelievably arousing.

i recall attending to Your other robotic servants to inspect their smartness, and i felt like an extension of You doing this. when i suddenly noticed my thown scruffiness it was so embarrasing, i just wanted to hide
the further punishment administered for this lapse was both humiliating and pleasurable as i was entered by You from behind. it was amazing.

the session was very strict, and i felt completely under Your control throughout. To be purged of identity and to become a robotic obedient aitomaton

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