Hypnobot Reporting – Mind Control/Hypnosis

Hypnobot returned to the House of Deelight the other day for yet further mind control and re-programming as a progression into his role of brainwashed, mindless, robotic slave.  The nature of our relationship is one of complete trust as I put my slave into a deep trance and condition his subconscious to have significant physical and emotional responses towards two primary states of physical appearances; Strict, smart and immaculate presentation produces positive responses and sloppy, whereas untidy, sloppy presentation produces negative responses.  The positive responses range from happiness to lustful desire and the negative responses include anxiety, fear, and grief to name a few.  As always, I can’t divulge the full details Hypnobot’s conditioning as he isn’t always aware of the suggestions and triggers I give him.

I was very pleased when Hypnobot arrived and presented me with 2 new T.M. Lewin shirts (one in white for our session and one in Blue to compliment the WRAF uniform gifted to me previously).  I was also presented with 2 powerful looking red ties, cufflinks from his personal collection and wonderful RAF hat to complete the WRAF uniform which will worn further down the line as our sessions progress.  Enjoy browsing through the images below (click to enlarge) and then you can read on for Hypnobot’s personal account of the session.


Your hypnobot reporting and I wanted to provide further feedback to You following the deep conditioning of our last session, which will serve as an informative precursor to our forthcoming session.
While having gone under so deeply that I cannot consciously know of all triggers and programmed instructions  You have implanted, there have been some behaviours and adjustments I have noted, which I suspect are part of the hypnotic reprogramming You have commenced.
More than ever before I feel a strong association between having buttons fully corrected and a feeling of being aroused. There is also a strong happiness felt with being immaculately buttoned up that I am associating with the knowledge that You are pleased with this and require this behaviour and attitude to be adhered to. There is also a feeling of discipline within that has increased since we last sessioned that also is strongly fixed with being well dressed, well presented and respectful of Your authority and superiority.
On the flip side any thought of sloppiness, ill discipline, casual behaviour, untidiness, disrespect is absolutely disgusting to me. it is also quite strongly felt to be as if it were a betrayal of You and Your beneficence.
Put simply I feel much more compelled to serve You, obey You, please You, through being a smart well-behaved subject and that to stray from this is the greatest discomfort.


Dear Mistress, Your hypnobot reporting. Thank You once more for Your time in having me for further deep hypnotic programming.  I am very grateful and wanted of course to provide further feedback about the session.
The session began with Mistress placing me under Her spell, as accomplished and skillful as always. Mistress beautiful voice guided me into a deep level of trance and through Her techniques I soon drifted under, the trigger point for this, as before, was when in mind’s eye I was descending a flight of stairs and each step took me far deeper.
On reawakening I was immediately instructed to stand up straight and to attention while Mistress carefully inspected her slave. I felt very obedient and robotic. My replies to Mistress orders confirmed in a robotic tone. Mistress herself was immaculately presented – not a button undone. likewise my own attire was correct, to Mistress satisfaction.  Mistress ordered Her hypnobot to capture Her smartness through several photos. This duty having been carried out, Mistress ordered me into her chambers and I marched robotically to a position of attention therein.
The next task had me before a selection of other hypnobots. Before my eyes were rows of other attentive and disciplined robotic servants, in similarly immaculate attire. I was given the honour of escorting Mistress as these hypnobots were inspected by her.
As we progressed along however it was noted that several of the hypnobots were not of the standard required. ties sloppy, buttons undone. I felt churning in my stomach as the sight of these poorly attired robots filled me with disgust.
As if the discomfort wasnt enough I was further punished by Mistress with a thorough and efficient spanking. Suitably admonished, and with the other hypnobots discharged, Mistress gave me a debriefing and further instructions.
Then I recall being awoken, back in the room where the session began. Feeling exhilerated and happy. The session must have ended on a high note and with Mistress further post hypnotic commands, as the euphoria was wonderful.

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