Hypnobot Returns for Hypnotic Reprogramming.

After some time away from the House of Deelight (for personal reasons), my very smart, well buttoned slave returned for some deep hypnotic reprogramming after having had all previous work undone and triggers removed on request.  Keen to remind me of what a good impression he can give, he arrived, as always, immaculately presented (greeted by my equally immaculate self) and offered me a gift of a fabulous RAF Wren uniform to be worn at a future session.  I was also offered champagne, chocolates and my favourite Chanel perfume.  After the greeting was over, I hypnotised my Hypnobot into the deepest state of trance I have had the pleasure of observing.  I can’t go into the full details of what happened during this time as this would give the game away for Hypnobot, but he was very very deeply relaxed and under my control. Here is what Hypnobot reports from his memory of the session:

Mistress, thank You for Your care and control in our most recent session. I arrived as before smartly dressed and excited to serve, but on this occasion with an even stronger sense of wonder, as I had been informed by Mistress beforehand that she was going to put me into the deepest of hypnotic trances and use this state to her advantage in providing my subconscious with powerful commands and triggers.

I lay on Mistress couch, ordered to make myself comfortable for the session ahead. Mistress herself immaculately dressed as always, setting a wonderful example. the trance session began and Mistress beautiful sweet voice guided me through progressive breathing and relaxation techniques. I felt more and more relaxed and my right arm flopped heavily to the side, I am sure to Mistress satisfaction as she observed her servant fall deeper and deeper.
as the relaxation spread i drifted away into a sublime trance and in my mind I was walking down a flight of stairs and around this time I was under and anymore clear recollection was now difficult.  I am sure Mistress can provide some explanation without giving too much away but I would have to comment that when I was reawakened from deep trance I found that my trousers were unzipped and my penis was out and flaccid over a bed of tissue paper, having released its load.  I felt quite disorientated at first, after a deep trance one can be quite cold as metabolism slows down, just as when one sleeps, and Mistress kindly brought me a drink to help bring myself back round.

I know that I have had commands and suggestions embedded in my mind that Mistress will build on in her measured efforts to mould me into a perfectly compliant and robotic hypnotised pet.  When this state is reached through training and further conditioning it will be a dream come true.
I look forward to receiving Your further commands Mistress and to pleasing You as a true hypnobot.




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