Hypnobot Shoe Worship – New Fetish Clip

A very important duty of my human robots, is to worship my heels and my feet. This reinforces their position under my strict command.  Here we have Hypnobot number 1, Mindless, lifeless and awaiting its instructions.  “Sleep”.  When I give you the wake command, you will drop to your knees and turn 90 degrees counter clockwise to face me. You will assume the all fours position and be ready to demonstrate your foot worshiping skills in accordance with the programming and deep conditioning you have already received.  Now I will demonstrate the skills of my hypnobot, my robotised human slave.  Hypnobot you will begin by kissing and worshipping my shoes.  It has already been fully programmed to obey these commands.  This hypnobot takes great pleasure in this part of its service although it is not aware of it.  You too can be an emotionless, mindless human robot.

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