Hypnobot’s Recruitment Drive Preparations

My male and female Hypnobots were to help me, their Commander at a stall to recruit new Hypnobots for the establishment. It is imperative that my hypnotised mindless slaves perform to the absolute maximum of high standards in order to correctly portray the requirements for future subjects. Commander put their training to the test to ensure that they were both at the required standard. Male hypnobot arrived to find his female colleague in sleep mode in its storage unit, and in a state of undress. Male Hypnobot was to join it in an similar state. The test for the Hypnobots today was to dress each other to an immaculate standard. At the recruitment drive, their job will be to transform the ill-attired and wayward potential recruits into smart, obedient individuals ready to have their minds reprogrammed and self will removed.  Of course, both Hypnobots are well and truly under Commander’s control, having been deeply hypnotised and programmed to follow my orders, which are delivered to them whilst they are in deep trance mode.   A subconscious state of mind that I am able to put them into using a simple trigger. I like to test my level of control over these hypnotised, mindless servants and so I make them do things wrong, as this goes against their initial training and makes them feel deeply uncomfortable when they act in a way that they do not believe they are supposed to act. It saddens them when they are punished for their mistakes and yet when they are put back to sleep, given further instruction to do things correctly and rewarded this fills them with pride and excitement.

Commander spent the training session, fucking with the emotions of my mindless slaves; subconsciously forcing them out of their comfort zone and in the case of the Male Hypnobot; I utterly twisted his sense of being. He has been so deeply programmed to feel disgust at dismay at scruffy, undressed, or ill attired people that he couldn’t get an erection when instructed to masturbate in front of his undressed female counterpart, however the second Female Hypnobot finished fastening her buttons and straightening her suit, my Male Hypnobot ejaculated in all his aroused glory!


Here is Male Hypnobots session report:

Following the previous session involving Commander and her submissive Miss Pink, i was privileged to be allowed a further session with both and arrived at HoD as instructed and in my smart attire.

On entry Commander greeted me, this time in Her smart RAF uniform, Her shiny brass buttons gleaming in the light of the chambers and as expected all correctly fastened. i also observed in the tall cage to the side Miss Pink, standing up but head bowed in sleep and securely locked in. but it was noted that apart from her underwear she was otherwise naked. No doubt she was in a hypnobot state as surely such a state of undress was Commanders doing. Surely i would end up the same way? That was up to Commander.


Standing next to the female hypnobot i felt the familiar hand of Commander on my shoulder and slipped rapidly into hypnotic unconsciousness.




When awareness returned i was now in my compliant hypnobot mode in which Commander decides what will happen, what her hypnobots will think and what they will do. Commander proceeded to confirm that as Her hypnobots we were required to prepare for an upcoming recruitment drive to acquire more hypnobots. Our smartness and discipline and obedience would be put to the test and i also then undressed to the same state of minimalism as the female hypnobot. Commanders task set for us was to dress one another properly.

Before this took place Commander informed me that i had not ensured Her uniform was immaculately presented as is my duty, and it was correct that Her skirt was a little bit creased. For this my hypnobot was to be immediately punished.

Ordered to the bench 100 firm spanks were applied to my bare cheeks and this punishment was duly taken. Returning to the centre of the room the female hypnobot was then commanded to redress me.

Hypnobot_Recruitment_Preparations-006 Hypnobot_Recruitment_Preparations-007

This was done efficiently but unfortunately the female hypnobot struggled to properly apply my tie, so when was this was applied by myself after Miss Pinks struggles, she was also ordered to endure 100 spanks, but not before my hypnobot was put into the storage unit to be confined and observe the punishment.



Now it was required that my hypnobot redress the female hypnobot, a task which brought arousal as the shirt buttons fastened into place and the tie and jacket correctly applied. Through the process i was explaining the necessity of the smartness that Miss Pink was now experiencing.



This duty done we were both put  back to sleep in our smart attire, no doubt for further programming.  When i regained awareness i knew exactly what standards Commander required of her two well programmed hypnobots and we were given further instruction as to what will be required of us when we must assist and serve Commander at the upcoming recruitment drive, where new applicants will undergo the robotisation of Commander.  Our duties as hypnobots would be to assist with the transition as new hypnobots are assimilated into the fold.



Pleased with her hypnobots final smart appearance in complete immaculate uniform, Commander ordered relief for both.  The female hypnobot was allowed to come first and following this the male hypnobot.  At first the male hypnobot struggled a little but when its femal hypnobot was tidied back up and put back into sleep mode the male hypnobot had no difficulties reaching complete erection and duly was permitted by Commander to release, as the obedient sleeping mannequin of Miss Pink stood in front immaculately presented.



Shortly afterward both of Commanders hypnotic slaves were brought out of their programmed hypnotic states and returned to normal.  it was at this point that the effects of the session caught up with the male hypnobot, now released from its fully obedient state. i was drained and exhausted but ultimately ecstatic.

To surrender to Commander and obey Her with the reinforcement of Her hypnotic programming is incredible to say the least. Miss Pink also released from Her hypnotic bonds similarly expressed her thrill at surrendering to Commander and to be controlled by Her.

Until the next time of such submission i am sure we will both carry the thrill of this latest session with us for a long time.  Thank You Commander xx

And this further message from Male Hypnobot came this morning and proves just how deeply hypnotised and under my subliminal control it is:

Your hypnotic slave confirms it still feels shaken by the mindtease experienced at the end of last session. It was impossible to become erect consciously as Your powerful deeply ingrained hypnotic commands regards scruffiness and smartness are embedded within the brain of Your hypnobot.  Only when Miss Pink was tidied up was the penis able to spring to attention

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