I Have ALL the Power!

You think you are strong but you are not.
You are weak. Weak and pathetic.
Sure you think you can resist.
You can’t.
You don’t stand a chance.
Go on try it, I dare you!
Resist my demands to restrain you.
You can’t.
Not when my cleavage is so close to your face.
Not with the promise of their softness brushing upon your lips.
You’re too weak.
And now you are tied.
Now try to resist the urge to ejaculate.
If you ejaculate you will be forced to eat it.
Go on I challenge you to resist.
My beautiful soft cleavage next to your face.
My long pink nails teasing your dribbling cock.
You can’t resist.
You are weak.
You beg me to let you cum.
You beg me to let you eat it.
You are weak.
You want to cum?
You have to pay your cum tax.
Where is your bank card?
Give me your pin.
Good boy.
You can’t resist.
You are weak.

I have ALL the power.


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