I Wasn’t Expecting That! – By Slave Sissy Mouse

When a slave tells me that they can’t get their head into the submissive state, I make damn sure that they do as you will soon read in the last session write up by Slave Sissy Mouse.  (Coming to you all a bit late following my recent house move).

I wasn’t expecting that.

My latest visit to the House of Deelight has once again proved that with Mistress always expect the unexpected.

I arrived at Midday after receiving a shopping list from Mistress the night before (and modified before my arrival) and the instructions to bring the keys to my chastity device which I have been wearing during the day for the past 2 weeks to get acclimatised to it and a key safe. On arrival I am met by Mistress looking lovely as ever still in her day clothes. After a brief chat and unloading of the items I have brought Mistress then asks if I am wearing my device and then informs me she is sending me on some errands to Boots and the post office to post a parcel however before I leave Mistress instructs me to go and upstairs and collect the nipple clamps and return. Mistress expertly fits then and sends me out.

pvc dominatrix smoking

There is something delightfully wrong about going out with things hidden away and causing you discomfort. Errands run I return to the HOD and Mistress instructs me to hold up my T shirt and without any warning removes both clamps together which results in me dropping to my knees as usual thanking Mistress as I get my breath back. I am then instructed to go upstairs remove my clothes and return. This is the only bit of the session that I know what is going to happen as I requested that Mistress help me calm down from the real world by either tying me up or putting me somewhere and ignoring me for a while. Mistress placed me in the standing cage and this really helped to cleanse my mind for what was coming later. Mistress fitted a blindfold and told me to remain completely quiet because she had a custom video clip to make. I duly do as instructed and got to listen to Mistress doing one of her amazing performances which did at one point get me a little worked up but the chastity device reminded me of where I was. After what seemed like 10 minutes but was around an hour Mistress came back into the dungeon room and started collecting things. Mistress then started running what I think was the tip of a crop all over me in a very sensual way which once again caused stirring in my chastity device with little hope of anything happening. This was a very nice feeling to have the crop tip run over me until the nipples where cropped not quite as nice.

Mistress then opened the cage lifted the blind fold and I was met with a pvc cat suited vision of beauty. Although, there was nothing pleasant about Mistress’s manner and firmly instructed me to get out and get on my knees. I have to be honest Mistress demeanour took me back slightly and I knew she meant business. So I sank to my knees as quickly as I could and then felt one of Mistress’s boots on my back pushing my face into the floor “Not low enough slave I want your face pressed into the floor so you know your place” sorry Mistress I blurt out “Did I tell you to speak?” I remained quiet this time as Mistress kept her boot on my back and cropped not only my behind but also my balls which are secured and exposed by the chastity ring. I start whimpering but Mistress takes no notice and continues and my exposed balls get increasingly tender with every (gentle) whack. Mistress then tells me in a very stern firm voice that I am still to high and I try and lay as flat as I can and push my hips out which is very uncomfortable. Mistress then comes and sits on my back and continues to crop my bum and balls. I plead to Mistress that’s my thighs are hurting and her immediate reply was “Are you saying I am heavy slave?”  “No Mistress” was my reply “Then shut up and do as you are told”. Just as I can take no more Mistress gets up off her seat (Mistress always seems to know when I have had enough) walks in front of me and instructs me to lift my head off the floor and worship her boot. I do as instructed and then Mistress offers me the other but with this one I am too keen so I am told to stop and just look at her boot for what seems like an eternity. Mistress than instructs me to start again and to fully appreciate the honour I am given, I do as instructed savouring every gentle kiss on the boot “That’s better slave” was Mistress’s response. I am then instructed to kneel up and look at her. Mistress informs me I am going to take every stroke of every implement she gives me with great enthusiasm and appreciation and with that Mistress simply points to the whipping bench with her crop and I know what to do and kneel over it as Mistress straps me in for the ride and refits the blindfold. Mistress then asks me what her mantra is “Women are more powerful than men Mistress” she then asks me what mine is “I am a useless buffoon Mistress?” “Yes you are!” replies Mistress but that’s not it. I am stuck it could be many things but of course as Mistress reminds me how can I forget “I’m truly fucked Mistress” That’s it slave you are truly fucked and who do you belong to? “You Mistress” That’s right slave and don’t ever forget it.

Mistress tells me to lay my palms out flat and then runs the first implement over them. “Nice gentle warm up mousey 32 of the suede paddle” and this sets the tone of our session straight away because usually this paddle comes a little way down the list but to be warmed up with it I think I will never cope. Once again whilst I am writing this I never thought I was in the right place to take anything that was coming my way but as always Mistress knows me better and reads me well.

Mistress administers the 32 in close succession and I thank her for them at the end. Mistress then runs implement number 2 over my palms and does this with every other one sometimes whacking my upturned palms with that particular implement. Now you have to forgive me but I can’t remember what I had or in what order but they were all in groups of either 6 or 18 and some hurt like hell and others less so although Mistress insists she was still not back to strength after her recent flu and I had it easy. What I do remember is Mistress would run her hand gently over my back in a reassuring manner or dig her nails into my ever more painful bottom and it was a great reassurance that although this was quite a heavy session I knew that Mistress was still caring for me as she always does. The last implement I do remember the heavy cane 18 in 3 batches and the final batch of 6 was fast and hard which made me squirm.

Whilst all this is happening I have the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever had during a session to the point that my jaw was shaking. Once Mistress has delivered the last 6 of the cane she removes the straps holding me to the whipping bench and tells me to get up when I am ready. After a couple of minutes I come to my senses a little and get up. Mistress tells me to stand in front of the tall cage and I know what’s coming next the whip. I still remember my last encounter with the whip and backing myself under the stairs which before Mistress begins she also reminds me of this and tells me that it won’t be happening today. I brace myself for the first one and the sting of it makes me drop to my knees “Get up slave if you drop to you knees you will get a head rush” say Mistress I stand back up and whack number 2 and once again I’m on the floor “get up this is not over until I say it is slave” I bleat to Mistress that I cant do it I cant take anymore which of course Mistress mocks me in a squeaky voice repeating what I said which lightens the atmosphere somewhat. So I hold on to the cage and Mistress strikes number 3 so this time as I cant drop down I do a silly dance to try and deal with the pain and so we go on for another few strikes and I start to swear which doesn’t impress Mistress at all and then something very strange comes over me and I just grab the bars of the cage as if I am going to pick it up and throw it and start grunting as Mistress continues to strike me and I have this rush of primal instinct run though me in that fight or flight way, the whip still hurts but my grunting helps me deal with it and of course Mistress will always come up with a funny quip and starts calling me hulk mouse which makes me laugh and I lose my focus as the last one falls and almost makes me scream. Mistress allows me to fall to my knees and I just stay there dazed and overwhelmed but very grateful for what Mistress has just put me through and pushed once again way further than I thought I could go.

Once I am able to stand Mistress tell me to go and sit on the sofa to bring myself back and gives me some chocolate and a drink. I can’t sit on the sofa as I feel I am going to fall off and sit on the floor and just sit there in a stunned silence for ages until I finally regain myself and then because I am sat on the floor the pain of my very sore bum hits me and then I graciously take the offer of the sofa. When my voice does return it makes Mistress laugh because all that grunting has made my voice very deep and it stays like that for quite a while.

I finally gain enough composure to go upstairs dress and return to collect my chastity keys locked in the key safe and no release date is set. Mistress hands it back and reminds me thus “Codes cost money slave” so even if it’s an emergency its going to cost me to get the code and it will have to be a real emergency other than that I could spent an awful long time going through the 10000 possible codes and that would also be cheating. So I will remain locked until further notice and I am very honoured to be so.

Writing this a couple of days later still with a sore back and bum, I feel completely owned with the chastity device locked on and no easy access to the keys.

I am as always very grateful for the amazing experience that Mistress gives me in our sessions it’s been almost 2 years now and they are never dull or even vaguely the same even if the activity is the same there is always a twist.

I’ve said it before “With Miss Deelight always expect the unexpected”

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