I Wasn’t Expecting That – Part 2 – By Slave Sissy Mouse

So my bumbling baffoon had a bit of a bump during week 14 and 15 of his distance control, but one thing you can be sure of… Mistress knows exactly how to get you back to where you need to be.  I know exactly what you slaves need and when you need it most!

I wasn’t expecting that. Episode 2

My latest visit to Mistress was slightly postponed from the week before and took place later in the day than normal. As always I have no idea what is going to take place which is why I enjoy our sessions so much.

The day starts with Mistress sending me a message instructing me to bring all my sissy clothes so straight away I begin the day on edge with my mind whirring about what’s going to happen. The day drags on but gives me loads of time to ensure I have everything that I need (it turns out I didn’t!).

2.30pm arrives and I walk through the door to me met by Mistress looking lovely as ever but in her normal clothes so straight away I start to bumble a bit. I finally unload everything I have and sit down on the sofa to have a good catch up with Mistress on all the events that have happened since we last met. We have a lovely chat and then Mistress informs me on what is going to happen. As it’s almost Christmas we are going shopping to buy silly things for me to put on in a changing room and take a picture and also have to joy of shopping with Mistress whilst she asks me embarrassing things quite loudly. She tells me to put on my day out with Tammy Tampax clothes from last year the purple swimming costume and pink leggings which of course I haven’t brought with me. Cue a not very happy Mistress so its time for a rethink which ends up with the Ann Summers Basque, thong and stockings from our January shopping trip under my normal clothes.


Mistress decides it’s best if she drives as she doesn’t want to be in a car with a bumbling driver and we head off to Newport city centre with Mistress generally taunting me as she does about how much fun it’s going to be for her. We park up and head off for some fun shopping with me feeling very odd with my underwear on under my clothes.

First stop Claire’s accessories and as soon as Mistress is through the door she finds a lovely large bow on a headband which lights up. I’m given that to hold whilst Mistress carries on looking round with me meekly following. Mistress does like to look at me and keep telling me I have gone very red which makes me even more bumbling. So other purchases made we head to a pound shop and have a good look around there and Mistress once again suggesting ideas in none hushed tones. One idea Mistress came up with still worries me slightly was to buy sweets, insert them up my bum and then eat them!! The stand out moment was waiting in the queue for the checkout with Mistress asking me how my thong was feeling.

Purchases made we head of to find a changing room for me to carry out my task. We head to Primark and Mistress explains what she wants me to wear from our purchases and to strip to my underwear. So I find a pair of jeans and find a cubicle. The usual problem in changing rooms the curtain only just goes across the opening. So I take off my clothes leaving me exposed in my lovely sexy underwear and carry out my instructions. Put on a mask then put on a wig and then the merry xmas bow on the headband and tie 2 bauble hair ties around my balls and hold up a Santa stop here sign. So to begin with I forget to put on the mask so have to take the wig off and put the mask on. I then lean down to pick up the bow and the wig falls on the floor just underneath the curtain so it could be seen from outside just as I hear someone in the next cubicle. I finally get it all on (or so I thought) take the photo and put everything back into the bag and return to a smirking Mistress. “Was that fun?” asks Mistress. She was also amused when someone else went into the changing rooms. We walk off and Mistress looks at the pictures and informs me that I have not completed my task because I forgot to tie the baubles around my balls so I will have to do it again luckily in another shop.


We leave and this time head to BHS to try again. Luckily the shop is very quiet and the changing room door has a bolt on it. So in I go and try again without being such a bumbling fool like before. I have just started when I hear Mistress tell someone I won’t be long and I start to panic and Mistress then comes to the door and tells me there is a queue. As much as I am panicking I need to get this right and finally get all the items on and take the picture. Redress and leave the changing room and find Mistress sat there smirking at me with no one in sight! Yes she was winding up! I show Mistress the picture and this time I have got it right. On the way out Mistress finds some horrible night dresses and starts holding them up against me and then checking if they have one in my size.


We finally leave the shop and head back to the car with Mistress pondering whether she should send me home wearing a dress and my wig. Which I have to admit was a great idea. On returning to the HOD I remove my clothes and put on the dress and wig whilst Mistress loads her car. I then leave slightly nervous, load all my stuff into my car and drive home in Friday rush hour traffic. Hoping that when I get home I won’t be spotted by the neighbours (I wasn’t) but it doesn’t stop you thinking about what ifs.


After my recent bout of poor mental health our session was just the boost I needed. Thank you Mistress for once again you pulled something special out of the bag.

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