Introducing HoD Chastity Slave Dribbly J

Note: Contains Dribbly Cock Pictures

Another Newbie has surrendered himself to my control at the House of Deelight.  I’d like to introduce Slave Dribbly J, a name given to him due to the excessive leaking of pre-cum from his locked penis.  He entered my chambers a total gibbering wreck, reminiscent of many who dare to pass through the HoD doors but he particularly reminded me of another slave, he will know exactly who he is. During this session I amused myself with some of this slaves preferred activities, however, as he highlighted during our pre-session chat that he was considering a long term arrangement I also had to include something that he doesn’t like, which is CP.  Corporal Punishment can be one of two things; a pleasure for pain slaves or a punishment for those who don’t like much pain.   Since Dribbly J doesn’t like the idea of CP, I used it to show him what would happen should he disobey my instruction or underestimate my control or indeed if he fucks up which let’s face it, slaves tend to do a lot and why they need a Mistress to train them.  I also enjoy CP very much and thus my slave should learn to enjoy it too under my expert guidance.  It’s becoming popular amongst my slaves to follow my instructions and write for my blog so do enjoy reading Dribbly J’s account below.

 hooded-gagged-blindfolded-slave leaking-chastity-cock

I, like many others, have really enjoyed to read to the various adventures being blogged on Miss Deelight’s website recently, and I thought that if I blogged my experience it may help others thinking about taking the same path as me. I have been interested in BDSM all of my adult life and have had various experiences, both Dom and Sub, with my wife and a few previous girlfriends. However, I have never seen a professional before and things in my life have recently taken a change to make me explore this. I think that I should explain a bit more. I am approaching middle age and have been married since my twenties and my wife and I are very happy together. Over the last two years things have very slowly changed as she has explored having a relationship with another man, with my full blessing. Roughly six months ago she started to see a guy who is now her boyfriend. He is in his mid-twenties and I have found that my wife enjoying this relationship is a real turn on. She is very happy too as he is far more fit and virile than I am. She prefers to be dominated in the bedroom, which is a role that I do take on, but sadly I cannot deliver the length and quality of sex that she wants and needs. This then leaves her wanting, and this is why I suggested her having a boyfriend. This turned out to be a much bigger turn on than I had imagined, and it also brought my submissive side to the fore. After a while she could see me being more submissive, encouraging her to sleep with another man, and enjoying the tales that she brought home. My love of giving her oral sex was clear to her, yet my desire to actually have full sex was distinctly lacking. I adore her, but I’m too sloppy romantic for her, especially when actually I want to worship her. She then suggested that I see a professional dominatrix to help with this side of my personality.

After quite a lot of research of Mistresses in the areas around where I work and live, I contacted Miss Deelight via her website. She replied quickly and soon we had agreed a time and day for my first session. She asked if I had any questions, and I replied with a couple; Would you like me to arrive wearing a chastity device? If you would I will of course bring you the key, and how long before Saturday would you like me to put it on? She responded to these questions the following day, Wednesday night, with “I’d like you to put your device on today and remain in until our session on Saturday.  Eventually you may find yourself going home without the key!”. This was not quite the reply I was expecting, but a massive turn on none the less. I duly did as instructed and locked myself in a metal chastity device, and what followed was a challenging few days. I was so turned on thinking night and day about what might happen in the session that I was getting very worked up. When Saturday morning arrived things changed though. I was seriously nervous. My stomach was upset, my penis almost disappeared into my stomach, in fact it might have done had I not been wearing my chastity device! I was in Newport early, to make sure I was not late and I called Mistress at my given appointment time to be told the detailed location of her chambers. She was calm, yet I was extremely nervous, her voice was friendly and helped quell my nerves.

I arrived at the House of Deelight and was greeted by Mistress wearing a gorgeous latex dress, with very impressive cleavage. I was invited through to sit on the sofa and we talked briefly and I gave her my tribute, the key to my lock and a couple of gifts. She could see I was very nervous and did her best to put me at ease. I thought it would be best to use the toilet before we started, and I was then instructed to go up to the bathroom to do what I needed to do, then strip and come down and kneel on the mat in the main dungeon room. I duly did so as Mistress was putting on some background music. She then placed a sturdy leather collar around my neck, complete with tag “Property of Miss Deelight”. It felt so good to be owned and in her control. She inspected my chastity device and my shrivelled penis. I was then instructed to kiss her wonderful knee high leather boots. I enjoyed this and was then asked to kiss her beautify latex covered bottom. The smell was lovely. She then cuffed my wrists, hooded and gagged me. I was then led into the stand-up cage.

Gagged-caged-clamped-and-bound Sensory-Deprivation

This was a snug fit as I am quite large and overweight. My wrists were than secured above my head and Mistress began her teasing. Her voice was very seductive and I began expelling quite a lot of pre-cum, much to her amusement. She removed my gag and this then was fed back to me. She then proceeded to enjoy a cigarette, using my mouth as an ashtray.


She also made me inhale her second hand smoke whilst using a vibrator and my cock cage. Whilst I’m a non-smoker, this whole experience was a tremendous turn on and I think she was pleased with my servitude.


After some nipple torture


I was then released from the cage and led to the whipping bench for my first proper CP session. beginner-spankingShe gave me a series of spankings, followed by six strikes with her beginner paddle. Mistress was very good at helping me through this, especially because after three strokes with the paddle she came to the front of the bench and pushed her breasts in my face. The smell of latex was intoxicating and her breasts were fantastically soft and plump. This definitely soothed my stinging backside. When strike four arrived, I almost forgot to thank my Mistress. I don’t want to think of the consequences had I not remembered. After the paddle session I received one strike with a cane as she felt I needed to know straight away what this felt like, as it will feature much more in my future training.

I was released from the whipping bench, and she removed my hood whilst I knelt on the floor. I then had to follow Mistress up upstairs on my hands and knees, carrying a used ashtray. I looked at it hoping that I would not be asked to consume some or all of the contents. I’d only just lost my ashtray virginity! Once upstairs I was secured by my wrists to the bed and Mistress unlocked and removed my chastity device. This felt so good, although my penis was still very much in hiding. It was more nervous than I was for sure! Mistress then attempted to secure my cock and balls in ‘The Nut Crusher’. I was happy for this but my testicles had other ideas, even when using a cable tie to keep them in place they kept escaping back into my groin. Mistress decided to abort this, but promised me that she will be using that devious device on me one day. She then used a more traditional ball clamp, which squeezed them nicely. This, coupled with Mistress sitting her sexy latex covered bottom on my face, finally brought on an erection. She then removed the clamp and sat astride my legs and began to masturbate me. I came pretty quickly, unfortunately for me without her permission, and ejaculated all over my chest with one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. I was shaking and had pins and needles in my arms and legs, wow, what an end to the session. It is fair to say that during our chat, following my essential shower, I was a gibbering wreck – but in a good way!

chastity-cock-dribbling-precum chastity-slave


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