Introducing my Female Hypnobot – New Fetish Clip!


Welcome back Miss Deelight’s Hypnobot training facility where immaculate, powerful attire and strict obedience is the key objective of my task force.  I am deelighted to announce that I have a new recruit.  Only the very special few get to become one of Commander Deelight’s mindless, obedient servants. And I have myself a female recruit. So may I present Hypnobot number 1 who some of you are already familiar with, and Hypnobot number 2; the newest recruit to my taskforce.  Hypnobot number 2 arrived at the training facility today and has undergone a deep level of hypnotic programming in the same way that Hypnobot number 1 did, so long ago.  For Hypnobot number 2 the mind programming procedure is only just beginning but for my female Hypnobot has already proved herself to be very susceptible to my own unique style of hypnotic mind control and is already completely obedient and completely mindless like its male counterpart, devoid of emotion and of feeling.  Its only objective to serve, honour and obey.  And I have decided, now that new recruits are coming into the training centre and joining my task force, that all recruits should, of course have their own mantra. A universal mantra to be learned and repeated by all Hypnobots .  Of course the learning comes easy because their minds are open to my command and only my command.  They do not have to think about learning because their subconscious mind listens, learns and obeys on a very deep level.  Currently, both my Hypnobots are in their sleep state.  You have seen this demonstrated before.  I am now going to awaken them and allow you, the viewer, to watch them recite their mantra.  The mantra that depicts their servitude to their commander.   “Hypnobots! Recite your mantra……..”  As you can see, the mantra is already deeply ingrained into their subconscious because they are mindless human robots, programmed by myself to obey my every command.  And look at their immaculate presentation; buttons all fastened to the top.  Of course this is a very key element of the Hypnobot uniform as well as shiny shoes, straight ties and crisp suits just like my own.  I am very very proud to be the owner and commander of my Hypnobots and I wonder how many others will be joining my taskforce soon…….  This could be you!


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