Introducing Slave B.B

The latest key on my chastity rack belongs to my newest pet, Slave B.B; short for Blue Balls.  When BB arrived at my chambers for the first time, he was so nervous. In fact I don’t think I have ever had such a quiet and nervous newbie before.  He barely said a word, LOL.  I was most impressed that he could take a good amount of CP and even more impressed when he came back for more!  This is the start of what is going to be a fun and eventful journey for this unfurling slave and of course I have a newbie to shape and mould in my own special way…

sexy blonde chastity key holder

My name is Slave B.B. (blue balls) I am now one of Miss Deelights pets.
I have long had a very strong submissive side to my personality and over the years have had recurring fantasies of serving a dominant mistress. I have been trying to be more adventurous recently and felt it was a good time to turn fantasy into reality so started browsing the internet looking for a Mistress, specifically one that is experienced in keyholding. Enforced chastity is one of my fetishes that I had dabbled with to varying results online. I came across Miss Deelight’s website and after exchanging several emails found myself booked in for my first session. Miss Deelight was aware that I had not been to a real-time domination session before so asked me to list things that I was interested in trying.

Session 1.

To say I was nervous on the day would be an understatement. Miss Deelight was very welcoming and did a very good job of making things run smoothly. After a chat I was ordered to remove all of my clothes and kneel on the floor. I was then treated to some shoe worship before being restrained on the whipping bench and blindfolded. Miss Deelight then treated my backside to several different paddles, floggers and a cane. I do have a reasonably high pain threshold and managed to take all of the strokes without flinching. To my surprise I found the CP to be a somewhat enjoyable experience. After admiring mistresses artwork on my buttocks I was marched upstairs restrained into the gyno chair and again blindfolded. Miss Deelight declared that she wanted to see how constrained her property was going to be whilst locked in its device. Due to nerves and I think the rather vulnerable feeling of the position I was in, an erection was not happening very easily. This was also rather humiliating which further added to the problem. However Miss Deelight managed through perseverance(and a vibrating wand) to get her property to come to life at which point I was told ‘you have 30 seconds to cum or you will be leaving here denied’ and started to count down. As you may have guessed, I did not manage to orgasm and this is how I earned my slave name. Somehow I managed to get my device on and after an inspection was then sent home feeling very horny and a little disoriented. My first session was such a good experience, if you are at all thinking about visiting Miss Deelight, go for it, you will not regret it!

Session 2

It was 5 weeks before my second session. Unfortunately around the end of the fourth week I awoke during the night to a rather painful wet dream. I let Miss Deelight know in the morning and asked if she was disappointed or annoyed, both was the reply.

On the day of my second session I was much less nervous than the previous one. The session started the same as before except this time I was wearing my device and was given a mantra to recite. The CP session was more intense with some rather thick leather flogger used also this time I was not blindfolded so that Miss could show me each implement before it was applied, sometimes in time to the music. Finally 3 canes were selected each slightly larger than the preceding one. I was to take 18, 12 and 6 strokes, counting and thanking mistress after each. The last 6 were getting a bit closer to the limit of what I could take. I think I described it as about 8 out of 10. It has taken a good seven days for the bruises to clear and I do not bruise easily.

Next I was led upstairs but this time I was told to lie down on the bed on my back then I was restrained and blindfolded and left there with loud music playing. After lying for a few minutes wondering what was going to happen or if anything was going to happen, something soft was thrust onto my face which I realised was actually Miss Deelight’s cleavage. This started to get me very turned on but was only the start. I was then told to open my mouth and gagged with what I was told was some dirty panties before Miss Deelight lowered herself onto my face. Mistress started to stroke her property whilst occasionally allowing me to breathe. I started to wonder if I was going to be denied again but It did not take too long before I was brought to a strong orgasm by mistresses skilful hands. I am extremely grateful to have been given such a pleasurable experience.
Afterwards I showered and cleaned my device before it was re-fitted and the padlock was clicked shut by Miss Deelight.
This session was such a thoroughly enjoyable experience, I am now looking forward to the next.



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