Introducing Slave J – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

I had a new recruit sign himself up for a week at my mercy.  Slave J had never done anything like this before and though he started with reservations, he ended the week horny, submissive and craving more!

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Day 1

My body woke me up before my alarm had gone off almost as if Mistress’ control had begun before any instructions were given. I was excited but nervous, I had tried not to think about what might happen the day before but once I sent my initial message asking for my first task a variety of scenarios played out in my mind as I waited for reply.

Mistress welcomed me and enquired about my experience, I let her know this was all new to me but I was excited about the week ahead. She told me she was about to go for a run and would give me a task after this. In the meantime I was to tie my cock and balls and not touch myself. Fittingly I found an old pair of trainers and took the shoelace to do so. Once bound I awaited further instruction with the occasional strain of skin against the lace a reminder of my relinquished control.

Mistress enquired about my like for heels and sent me a link to one of her videos, I was instructed to stroke and edge every two hours but strictly no orgasms. I was also to remain tied for the rest of the day. I open the video and am instantly aroused at the sight of Mistress in stockings and heels, the lace suddenly becomes much tighter. It’s hard to keep myself from getting too excited but I do as I was told and report back. I thank Mistress for such a treat whilst I’m left with a throbbing cock and aching for more.

As the day progressed each viewing became more difficult, the urge for release became stronger, the binding became tighter, the edge came sooner, the margin for error became smaller.

Evening came and Mistress informed me on my final viewing of the day I may follow the video instructions to completion and untie myself. Being the first day I had mentally prepared myself for denial, I had to ask Mistress to confirm this meant I was allowed an orgasm. She devilishly replied yes and that I should make the most of it as I wouldn’t know when the next would come.

The final viewing ended in an incredibly intense release, I thanked Mistress for allowing me such pleasure, but couldn’t help feeling things were going to become much more testing over the coming days.

As I lay trying to sleep I couldn’t help but run through how the day had played out and speculate on what would be in store for me tomorrow and beyond. Mistress had become fully engrained in my thoughts.

Day 2

I had a little bit of a restless sleep and yet still woke up feeling refreshed. My first action was to message Mistress wishing her a good morning and request my tasks for the day. I then continued with my usual routine and prepared for work. My hour long drive into work is usually my place of peace where I clear my mind and forget about everything, today was slightly different though. Thoughts of what Mistress might have planned for me kept creeping through and the anticipation was building.

Almost the exact moment I sat at my desk my phone went off, it was Mistress requiring if there was a supermarket near by that sold clothing. I wasn’t sure but I told Mistress I would find somewhere if necessary. On day one I had mentioned I liked stocking when commenting on her video, she instructed me to purchase a pair and use one to tie my cock and balls so that I would feel her control all day.

I frantically searched the Internet for the nearest supermarket, my office is a fairly casual place so nobody was going to miss me for 15 minutes or so. After about an hour had passed I slipped out.

When I got to the shop it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, there wasn’t much of a selection and I couldn’t find any traditional stockings, all they had was knee highs so I picked up a pack hoping something was better than nothing. I felt so out of place scouring the women’s clothing aisle trying my best to not stand out. I sent Mistress a message asking if this was ok. I got back to the office and my 15 minutes had turned into a little over half hour but no one had seemed to notice. I quickly went to the toilet and tied myself up.

It had been a while and Mistress hadn’t replied, I was worried I may have disappointed her but also aware she was likely just busy. When she did finally reply she told me it was ok and my task for the day was to edge every time I used the toilet and that the end of the day the fate of my orgasm would be decided by a coin toss. I suppose a 50% chance is not the worst odds I could have had.

I went to the toilet just before my lunch break and edged myself as Mistress ordered. The added element of risk meant this did not take me too long but the uncomfortableness of my surroundings made it difficult.

On my lunch break I still felt I had not completed the original task satisfactorily so I made sure to find some more suitable stockings. This store was much different, there was almost a whole floor dedicated to women’s lingerie and I was the only male in sight, I felt so awkward and slightly embarrassed as I looked around sheepishly, but what Mistress wants Mistress gets. When I returned to the office I replaced them, these ones were much better quality and more akin to what I imagine mistress would wear. I informed mistress of the change and she told me she was very pleased with my efforts today, it gave me a warm feeling inside to have made her happy. I edged one more time before I left work.

When I parked up at home I panicked somewhat as I could not find the original stocking I used to tie myself. I was convinced I may have left it in the toilet at work and there may be some awkward conversations to be had tomorrow. There was not much I could do about it now though so I just tried to relax after an eventful day. After about half hour I recalled exactly what happened and I had found it, minor crisis averted.

Mistress then sent me a message setting a scene for my next edge, I was to imagine being tied to her as I worshiped her ass, as you can imagine this edge didn’t take long.

After my next edge it’s time for the coin toss, mistress asks me to choose heads or tails, I chose heads, she informs me its tails and reaffirms that she is the one in control.

I edge one last time before bed knowing there’s no orgasm in sight. Mistress is in charge and I’m loving every second of it.
Day 3

I wake in a bit of a haze but I was hard and aching which immediately asserted Mistress’ all consuming control over me. I reached for my phone and messaged mistress, this was engrained as my first action of the day by now.

Mistress replied early today, literally as I was walking out of the door. I was told I must stroke and cum every two hours today from 8am-10pm. I knew right away at some point my pleasure was going to turn to anguish. I knew I was going to be late but I retreated from the door and back to my bed to do as I was told. Mistress had sent me another video to which I was immensely grateful but I didn’t think I had time to indulge. I rushed through with very little pleasure and let Mistress know I had obeyed her command and left for work.

An hour into work and it’s time for the next. I’m still feeling uncomfortable stroking with a heightened sense of my surroundings, makes it very difficult for me. I was hesitant to watch the video while at work but by the time my fourth attempt of the day comes I need some extra help, I’m struggling, I watch the start and it doesn’t take long to push me over the line. For the last orgasm during work I watch the rest of the video it was wonderful but this is an uphill battle now.

When I get home I’m able to relax and enjoy the full beauty of Mistress’ video but I’m pretty much broken at this point. Just two more left and Mistress’ words of encouragement help spur me on, my cock pretty much feels like it’s not even a part of me anymore but I manage to finish the task.

Today was a real toil, if I had been told I would get to orgasm this many times at the start of the week I would have eagerly accepted but now I could happily not stroke again for a few days at least but clearly this is no longer my decision to make.

Day 4
I’m raw and drained from day three, on my drive to work I get a message asking how Mistress’ property is doing today, I tell her it’s sore. I don’t hear from her again for some time but when I do it’s very unexpected. Mistress tells me she will be giving me some respite today, my task is to write her a fantasy based around the fetishes I had listed on my initial application. This was completely out of left field and truth be told had me a little anxious because narrative has never been my strong suit.

I originally planned to write this up when I got home but as my mind started to drift I completely lost focus, plus it was a slow day at the office anyway. So in between small bursts of work, my lunch break and I went about penning my ideal scenario. It felt beneficial to take a step back and introspectively think about what it is I truly desire.

Mistress had challenged me in a completely different and unexpected way today and it was possibly just as difficult as anything else she had thrown at me thus far.

Late evening Mistress enquired how her property was recovering, I told her it seemed good but to be honest I hadn’t even thought about touching it all day. She complimented my efforts in the task given, I was still skeptical but glad it had pleased her.

Just before I was about to sleep I received further instructions for me to follow when I get up, I was to repeat a mantra whilst kneeling before crawling to get dressed and to tie up her property with the stocking in preparation for the day ahead. Just reading this made me instantly hard, I was definitely fully recuperated but in for a restless night.

Day 5

I wake to a picture of Mistress sent in the early hours of her beautiful toes, it instantly reminds me of my place kneeling at her feet and follow out the commands given to me the night before. This truly cemented the submissive position I now find myself in. She tells me I am to start every day this way from here on.

In the evening Mistress orders me to untie her property and use the stocking to bind my feet, I am to use the other stocking as a gag and then I am to stroke myself to the edge and then back off waiting 5 minutes and then repeating this five times, I am not allowed a release today. I’m sure the parallels with the story I had written yesterday were not coincidental. The intensity of this session is immense, imagining it is Mistress that has bound me and is relentlessly teasing me. I’m left extremely horny and frustrated. Mistress tells me to stay this way until tomorrow when she might let me cum but might not, she’s toying with me and it feels so good.

Day 6

I see quite early in the day on Mistress’ twitter that she will be filming today so
I understand she’s unlikely to have time for me.

It was a nice day and I had arranged to play basketball with some friends, I had planned on asking for permission to untie her property during this but when I realised I was unlikely to get a reply I left it alone and it was much less restrictive as I thought it may be. It was also good to feel her control on a day when I might not experience it so much.

Mistress checks in briefly in the afternoon but that’s all, it still doesn’t stop me from constantly checking my phone in hope, she has me on a mental leash at this point.

Day 7

Mistress unnecessarily apologises for yesterday, she tells me we’re going to play a game today, she will randomly be telling me to start stroking slowly or fast and to stop. About an hour later I get my first message “start fast”, almost immediately she tells me to stop and proclaims that she owns my cock, as it twitched in frustration and clear agreement.

Half hour or so later I’m told to start slow, I figure this one is going to be a while so I slowly tease, to my dismay I find myself still stroking two hours later, this was torture. I didn’t want to disappoint Mistress but eventually I build up the courage to ask her for mercy and thankfully she tells me to stop.

Later Mistress tells me she was at the cinema and had forgotten to stop me, I couldn’t help but laugh with her at my suffering. Ironically from there on I kept seeing the trailer for the film she had been watching, it was taunting me.

Next up were a couple more fast but brief strokes spread over a few hours as mistress asserted her ownership ever more. Then a slow 20 minutes, I was thankful this didn’t last any longer as I was struggling to keep myself under control by now. I was then left in limbo for several hours.

Finally mistress instructs me to stroke fast and to choose heads or tails. I choose tails. Mistress tells me I’m a lucky boy and to cum for her. A volatile eruption ensues and I thank Mistress as I’m left exhausted and elated.

It has been a truly amazing week, I went in with some reservations and I have emerged craving to give up more control.

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