JOI Erotic Hypnosis – Feedback

Another happy slave received the joys of my erotic hypnosis sessions in a trance that allowed him to experience a powerful orgasm through hypnotic masturbation instruction.  Under hypnosis, I guided him to masturbate whilst allowing him to believe it was my hands and body doing the work.  Here is what he wrote to me:

I was fortunate enough to enjoy an erotic hypnosis session with Miss Deelight last week. I had been put into a trance before, in a one-on-one situation, and was not sure of how well this would work. I needn’t have worried, Miss Dee soon had my body sinking into what was a wonderfully relaxing state of bliss. Before long, her voice was inside in my head, directing me through different parts of my subconscious until I entered a place that was full of desire, lust and, most importantly, comfort. Everything seemed right and my Mistress was there with me. I could literally see and feel her touching me, sending me up on a wave of utter pleasure. Mistress is very beautiful woman, with a wonderfully soft touch to her. I hope to have the pleasure of being tranced by her again soon.

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