JOI Hypnosis – More Feedback

I have just written a  new JOI erotic hypnosis script that is designed to take the recipient into a deep state of relaxation and through a spell binding journey of masturbation which ultimately delivers the most mind blowing orgasm.  I tested this script out on Slave Mousey who has never been hypnotised before.  Below you can read his thoughts on his experience.  I am just putting the finishing touches to the final edit of the audio recording and it will be available to purchase soon.  Watch this space or follow me on twitter for updates.

Before my last session, Mistress had enquired if I would be willing to try a new erotic hypnosis she was working on, which of course as the devoted slave I was more than happy to oblige.

Now I think it would be worth mentioning that our sessions are always planned by Mistress. Mistress know my likes and my very few dislikes but other than that she is in control, which from my point of view is fantastic as I never know whats coming up and makes the session even greater and keeps me constantly nervous.

So the session this time consisted of cbt and nipple torture which are big favourites of mine and I have to say Mistress was on fire, she had a look in her eye that meant business. This was followed by needle play which was new to me and proved very very enjoyable.

The reason I have told you about are session is to understand that I was on a massive high and Mistress then had the task of bringing me into a relaxed state. Mistress likes a challenge!!

As many of you know who have met or spoken on the phone to Miss Deelight she has a very alluring soft spoken voice (unless you displease her)!!

So I’m led on the bed the room is darkened, quiet and warm still all bouncy from our session but with a very open mind and then Mistress starts talking which almost takes you into a trance straight away. To be in the same room lying there with that soft voice washing all over you is amazing.

Needless to say Mistress did her magic and brought me down to a fully relaxed state, following her voice that was taking me on a journey which led to a most amazing climax all under her instruction. I cant remember the last time I had felt so relaxed and experienced a full body orgasm in the way I did under her control.

Mistress then gently brought me back to earth and I was left with an enormous sense of warmth and well being which is still with me as I write this 3 days later.

Now I accept this may not be for everyone. But give it a try you never know it might give you some sunshine in a crazy busy world. Better still book a session and experience that alluring soft voice in person.

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