Today I transformed from a Mistress, to a psychotic stalker who kidnapped her victim as he returned home, (or so the fantasy went).  As he entered the studio, I quickly descended on him, covering his mouth and forcing him up against a post, telling him to be quiet and do as I say.  Faced with a masked crazy woman  in PVC, he sensibly agreed and was then forced onto the bed, face down as I set about restraining his wrists and gagging him.  Safely secured it was time to get him up on his knees and across to the coffee table.  Here I stripped his lower half and secured his legs to the legs of the table.  Whilst fully restrained I whispered sweet nothings in his ear about how I had been watching him for so long; excited that we finally got this special moment together; warning him that he didn’t want to upset me.  It wasn’t in his best interests too.  Oh how is cock glistened with excitement.  I searched his clothes to make sure he couldn’t make any calls and stumbled upon some money which of course I confiscated.  A princess like myself deserves to be kept in the lifestyle after-all.

Whilst he was vulnerable and restrained I sat and spoke to him about my efforts, about how I had been watching him, following him, even working with him.  Sometimes shouting at him when I knew he was lying to me.

I’d had enough of watching him sat on the table, I decided it was time to move him to the bed as I had a special present for him.  I untied him and forced him to his feet before laying him spread eagle on the bed.  Here I re-tied him so he was safe and secure then introduced him to his electrifying new present.. my E-stim.  Whilst subjecting him to a long session of CBT I also took my own pleasure with some heavy face sitting and breast worship.  Eventually I decided to release his cock from the shocks and milked him until he cum.

Who will my next victim be?  Email me now! and book your own kidnap session.