Louboutin Sparkle Task Update

A big thank you goes to Sissy Ivy for contributing £100 to my Louboutin sparkle task, bringing the grand total now up to £450! What good slaves you are all being, you all know how happy it would make mistress to have a beautiful, glamorous pair of designer high heels caressing my beautiful divine feet.  Picture yourself now on your hands and knees as I sit elegantly on my throne dressed in fine lingerie, sheer stockings while you come face to face with the most stunning pair of high heels you could ever see.  Not just a gift to me, but a gift back to all of you as you worship me in my high heels.  If that is a vision that fills you with desire you can help make all our dreams come true by joining in the group project and donating to this very worthy cause.  My beautiful feet deserve the most beautiful of footwear.


sparkle task louboutin


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