Marathon Sponsorship – Thank You Eric

Recently I made a brief announcement together with a link to my anonymous fundraising page with regards to my entry in next year’s London Marathon.  I will write a dedicated post about this soon when I am not so busy so that you slaves can all get behind me and sponsor me.  All donations will be anonymous other than first name or slave names. Unfortunately gofundme shut down my fund raising pages because I wasn’t able to publicly state my personal information.  When I explained that I have to be discreet they said that my page didn’t meet their terms of use so I won’t be able to collect sponsorship through that medium and thus will come up with a different solution.  Just before my page got shut down I’d received a £10 sponsorship from Eric, so this post is to say Thank you for that!

Thank you Eric!


Watch this space my devoted pets; shortly I will be writing about my challenge and I will keep you all updated on my training progress too!

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