Marathon Training Update

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas :)  Mistress is still enjoying the holiday season and the joys that go with the break!  I would say I’ve been relaxing but that rarely happens in my world and even less so now that I am training for the forthcoming London Marathon.

I would like to say thank you to my inflatable fetish slave for his donation of £50 bringing my total raised so far to £309 (15% of my target).

Until Boxing day I hadn’t trained for 10 days as I have been suffering from headaches which have been getting worse.  I have now discovered that they are actually migraines. I got one so bad in the left side of my face that I thought I was having a stroke. However, being the tough woman that I am, I am determined not to let the headaches interfere with my training any more. I dosed up on Boxing day morning and went for my first outdoor run (not my first ever but my first since I started training for the marathon).  Until this point, I had been running on a treadmill and on the flat. So just 2 minutes into this run, I felt like turning around and going home.  It hurt my legs so much!  I decided that I would walk up the hills and run the more even ground and downhill.  This worked out well for me and I covered 6.65k in 46 minutes.  I was chuffed to bits.

Today, I was back at the gym.  Slave E, who has kindly been sending me words of advice and encouragement via email has advised me to work on high intensity intervals for longer periods during the week and aim for a long run once a week.  Since I now know I can run go for 46 minutes I decided I was going to try to reach this again during interval training.  I spent 21 minutes with run 2, walk 1 intervals followed by a further 28 minutes of run 3, walk 30 second, intervals.  In 49 minutes I covered 7.4km :D  It was only just over a month ago that I was struggling to get past 3k!

Mistress is on it!!

For those of you just picking up on this, I am training for the London Marathon in 2016. I have absolutely started from scratch. Due to personal reasons I am unable to disclose the name of the charity that I am running for, however it is a charity that has a lot of importance to me. I have pledged to raise £2000. I'm posting regular updates here on my blog in the 'Mistress's Marathon' Category down the right hand side of the page. If you would like to sponsor me here are the details for where to send your donations : MD Enterprises (HSBC) 40-46-18 22078651 If you are coming along for a session with me and wish to donate, please feel free to bring your donation along with you. All donations will be very gratefully received, not just by me but by the people who will be helped as a result. Thank you in advance for your support. Mistress xx

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