Marathon Training Update and How You Can Serve Me

For those of you who are new to my website, I am currently training for this year’s London Marathon and I have started my training from scratch.  I am running for a charity close to my heart but I don’t want to disclose which charity it is because of it’s sensitive nature and because of my personal confidentiality.  I have to raise £2000 which is what I have pledged to them in order to obtain my place in the marathon.  Training has been going well, very well in-fact and today I ran 10 miles on a very hilly route.  The equivalent to 95 floors (almost as high as the empire state building).  So far I have raised £505 of my target so I’m still a long way off! I am always getting tweets and emails asking “How can I serve you Mistress, I’ll do anything for you”.  Well this is how you can serve me. You can sponsor me which will motivate me whilst raising money for a fantastic cause.  Your sponsorship will be totally confidential unless you email me and tell me that you are happy for your slave name or stage name to be printed on my blog so that I can thank you.  This is why I am asking for monies to be paid into my bank account so you can do it with internet banking or pay cash over the counter at an HSBC Branch.  All I ask is that you put the reference as “Sponsor” and your nickname if you wish to be mentioned.

Here are the details for where to send your donations :

MD Enterprises (HSBC)



If every one who follows me on twitter sponsored £1 I’d double my target. So now is your chance to step up and serve me :)  Go to it pets!

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