Marathon Update and Thanks!

It’s been a while since a posted an update on my training for the London Marathon coming up in just over 2 weeks.  Training is going very well indeed; I ran 18.5 miles last Sunday in 3 hours and 48 minutes which is surprisingly good considering that I didn’t feel as though I even had the energy to leave my house that day. Building up to that level of endurance has been incredibly difficult and over the past 6 months, the intensity of my training has increasingly taken a toll on me. It is fair to say that physical and mental fatigue is currently a daily part of my life; having gone from non runner to endurance runner in such a short amount of time. Understandably I am looking forward to getting through the marathon, taking a weeks rest and then getting back to a normal way of life and normal energy levels. I am extremely proud of my progress; to run that 18.5 miles on my own was a colossal achievement indeed. On top of all this I’ve managed to (mostly) keep on top of all my other social, personal and work commitments often working through the fatigue and the multitude of bugs that I keep picking up thanks to the knock on effect to my immune system. As you can all see, this has been one hell of a ride for me…and many of you know what that feels like, being at my mercy! So for those of you who haven’t yet donated to the fundraising (after all the reason I am doing all of this is for charity) then now is the time to do so and show your support.  Because of the nature of the charity and for my own personal anonymity I am not giving out my fundraising page, instead I’ve set up a bank account for you to make donations directly…

You can make donations via bank transfer or over the counter at any branch of HSBC.

MD Enterprises (HSBC)



 Please include your nickname so I can thank you on my blog.

Special thanks go to Sissy Mouse for collecting sponsorship from his customers (£78), Taquin for a further £25 and for the slaves who have come for sessions and brought along donations too.  Thank you very much for your generosity.

The grand total raised for charity so far is £1901!!

That’s 95 percent of my target.

Great work pets!


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