Marathon Update and Thanks!

It’s less than 2 weeks to go now until the big day and I’ve still got a couple of endurance runs to squeeze in but have once again been hampered by illness.  That said I hit my goal run which was 18 miles just over a week ago so I am sure that I am going to be ready for the 26 miler! Albeit at a slower pace than I’d hoped to achieve.

Thank you to Slave Jay for your donation today of £50.  My fundraising is now up to £1951! Just £49 off my £2000 target!

Now how’s that for an achievement?

For those of you just picking up on this, I am training for the London Marathon in 2016. I have absolutely started from scratch. Due to personal reasons I am unable to disclose the name of the charity that I am running for, however it is a charity that has a lot of importance to me. I have pledged to raise £2000. I'm posting regular updates here on my blog in the 'Mistress's Marathon' Category down the right hand side of the page. If you would like to sponsor me here are the details for where to send your donations : MD Enterprises (HSBC) 40-46-18 22078651 If you are coming along for a session with me and wish to donate, please feel free to bring your donation along with you. All donations will be very gratefully received, not just by me but by the people who will be helped as a result. Thank you in advance for your support. Mistress xx

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